Muslim Community, Muslim Domestic Violence, Muslim Domestic Abuse - Project Sakinah is an initiative against Muslim domestic violence and abuse, offering support to the Muslim community to stop family violence and support Muslim women rights.

  • About Family Violence - Violence within families is happening every day, in every culture and country, the world over. But violence within our families destroys individuals, hurts everyone in the family, and its harm impacts our communities at the core.
  • Take Action - Many of us have noticed something unhealthy within our own or another's family, but have been unsure about what to do.
  • Resources & Tools - This section is packed with resources and tools to assist you including…specific information about organizations working in the field,materials designed to help you build your own local team,videos for you and your family, friends, and neighbors to watch about domestic violence,khutbahs from scholars about the issue.a list of recommended readinga research section that includes both…Project Sakinah’s own research program anda bibliography of other available researchour blogs about vario
  • News & Events - In this section, we provide access to our newsletters, to news relating to violence in Muslim Families in North America, and a listing of our events and activities. In the news section, we have collected items relating to one particular case into "case archives."
  • About Project Sakinah - Dar al Islam initiated Project Sakinah in 2009 in response to a very public episode of violence in the Muslim community. After two years of research, strategic planning and resource development, we introduced the project to the public in 2011. Our national network of professionals and community action teams educate and build the skills needed for peaceful marriages, effective parenting, and the wise guidance of our Youth.
  • Contact Us - Project Sakinah thrives on your participation. Your feedback is crucial for the success of this project. Please free to contact us.
  • Hear Our Stories - People share their stories of hurt and hope. Moving and inspiring, we hope these stories will help motivate and empower people to action.
  • Healthy Relationships - A healthy relationship is characterized by mutual respect, equality, trust, communication, and freedom. Mouse over the graphic on this page and see how to help determine whether a relationship is healthy.
  • Unhealthy Relationships - The cycle of abuse is difficult to break once in motion. It is vital we learn to recognize it and to do something to interrupt the cycle before it gets worse.
  • Child Abuse - More than bruises or broken bones, ignoring a child’s needs or making a child feel worthless is also child abuse.
  • Help a Friend or Family Member - More complicated when a child approaches you for help, we talk about helping a friend or family member who's a victim of abuse.
  • Start A Team - Register your team and we’ll create a website for it. Teams members needn't be professionals, just people working together to make a difference.
  • Please donate to Project Sakinah. - We appreciate your donations. Project Sakinah is an initiative of Dar al Islam, a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductable to the extent allowed by law.
  • Help Yourself - Whether you're a victim, abuser, family member, or friend, you can break the cycle of violence before things become worse.
  • Directory of Services - We have collected services from around the country, but for the directory to be complete and up-to-date, we are relying on all of you who share our commitment to stopping violence within Muslim families to add the resources you are aware of in your community.The database includes:Individuals who provide serviceOrganizations that provide serviceMedical practitionersLaw practitionersSheltersImams and Muslim chaplains known to be helpful in dealing with violence within the familyAnd more
  • Marriage Education - Find out about the programs for married couples presented by Anas Coburn, who is certified by Imago Relationships International and has a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy.
  • Understanding Domestic violence || Project Sakinah - The terms domestic violence and domestic abuse are often used to refer to violence that occurs between intimate partners. Actually, both terms refer to any violence or abuse that occurs within the domicile, or home. Today, in order to better clarify who is involved in the violence, the preferred term is intimate partner violence (IPV). This is because it can refer to current and former marital partners as well as separated marital partners, or current and former cohabitates, and is gender neutra
  • Is your Relationship Healthy? - Understand clearly the signs of a healthy relationship , and those of an unhealthy relationship
  • Elder Abuse - Violence against our elders is still an issue largely ignored in our community. Get more informed about this difficult topic.

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