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  • Cassi - Great sound. lightweight, but a little lite on extra features

    Bluetooth headsets. I have been through lots of them. Between my son and I we are using them constantly. I am always excited when I buy a new set of headphones. These are necklace style headphones. The ear buds magnetically attach to the battery areas of the headset that is around the neck. I do not feel as held together as I do with the retractable earbuds. The back of these are a little flimsy feeling too. The advantage to that is that it is lighter than other headsets of the same style. The earpieces come with multiple sizes to ensure a comfy fit. The listening time is only about 2 to 3 hours, where the others that I have had of the necklace style have gone well over 4 hours. So, weighing the options is the weight more important or is the stamina? Also, the sound of these are very comparable to other high end necklace style headphones. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a lightweight necklace style set of headphones. The microphone is noise cancelling and the controls are fairly easy to use. It paired with my iPhone immediately. Price? Worth it. So, think about what priorities are, because it does not have to cost a fortune to get a good sound.

  • Ryan Sawtelle - Perfect Fit, works on the rims too!

    Perfect fit on my 2012 Malibu. PS. These also for perfectly for the Chevy emblem on center cap of the rims!!

  • Aussie Gal - Best one I've found

    How wonderful to find a car charger for a late model mac with the latest connection (magsafe 2) and in a small package that doesn't clogg up the space around the car charger.

  • SparkyK - Thinking it works, but not easy to use

    Not easy to use. Pop ups with advertising for more security purchases. Eliminate the pop ups and then have to approve all pop ups.....pain!