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  • Olga Minkevich - Good stuff

    I haven't bought these item from Amazon but I've been taking it religiously when I lived in Russia to fight cold and congestion. This is definitely a great medicine and it does tremendous help with sinus issues. As one of the reviewer mentioned, US unfortunately doesn't have the majority of medicine which Europe has and it's a shame. So try this out, it does work!

  • EWootten - It smelled terrible and made my hair much worse.

    I would rate this a zero if that were an option. It smelled terrible and made my hair much worse. I believe it is a counterfeit.


    Ordered to use on shingles. The price did not scare me (if it gave any relief) I could not tell it did anything. For the price I would NOT recommend. I am not sure what use it would have on any wound rash or sore.

  • C. Gardiner - Okay but didn't work like I had hoped

    It's okay, but it certainly didn't "transform" my skin the way it said it would. I like the idea of my foundation having SPF but with the combination of primer and moisturizer it feels very "slippery" on my face and it doesn't seem to last long because it wants to slide off my skin, particularly in warm weather. I still use it from time to time but not if I really need my makeup to stay put.

  • Bryan - Excellent cooler for Intel i5 3570k CPU -- superb performance/price ratio!

    This is probably the best air cooler for the money out on the market. I have an i5 3570k OC'd to 4.5 GHz at 1.35 Volts, and I'm getting Prime95 and AIDA64 temps in the mid 70s to low 80s (deg C) at 100% load, which is perfectly reasonable for an Ivy Bridge CPU.

  • D. Diaz - The Best!!

    Great Value and product. Also properly wrappped and packaged, been getting a lot of hair products all broken inside, because they don't take the care to wrap the cap tight