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  • david jeffers - its great so buy it, you deserve it and its not expensive

    great value and great product i wont expecting it to be so nice but its great, talks clear on calls, its nice

  • Erik - When my devices connect and am close to the router or satellite the speeds are excellent. However

    I've been running Orbi in parallel with my existing home network for about a week now. When my devices connect and am close to the router or satellite the speeds are excellent. However, I've been having issues with it dropping internet access randomly for about a minute before reconnecting. I'll still have good signal strength just no outside internet access. Reconnecting to Orbi or one of my other access points solves the problem, or I can just wait 2 min and things should be good.

  • Erock - Great learning tool!

    I picked this up for my daughter (10) to learn how to play bass, and for myself (playing guitar for many years). Rocksmith 2014 is a great learning tool. It will teach songs, techniques, chords, scales, and most everything one needs to play bass or guitar. I have seen my daughter triumphantly play a song in "Master mode" where they have taken away the on screen help. This is something to work towards as a beginner and took her a fair amount of practice, but she is learning faster with Rocksmith than I did as a budding guitarist with books and cassettes. The game is fun for me. We both love playing 2-player and jamming together. This version is heads and tails better than the original Rocksmith. The latency, while still barely present, is much better than the first Rocksmith and likely unnoticeable by the beginner.

  • Amazon Customer - About as good as these self-published kids books get.

    This book has an adorable premise and with a proper publisher could actually have been a five-star book--it's got quite good potential.

  • Credus - Fortunately, by using this product and never closing the ...

    Definitely helps to gather all the lent and hair that gets trapped in the rubber seal. I try clean the rubber seal after every wash, but it is apparent that I don't always see what is trapped in the seal. The washer machine notifies me when it is time to clean. Fortunately, by using this product and never closing the washer door (when not in use) keeps my washer from smelling like mildew. My problem with this product is that it is too expensive. More people would be able to use it if the price was reasonable. I learned that the manufacturers have not resolved how to keep front loaders from smelling like mildew if you close the door when the machine is not in use. Due to this design error, we need to keep purchasing this product.