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  • Michelle - Great, safe body wash for little ones

    I bought this because I love Earth Mama Angel Baby products (the nipple butter and diaper cream have been godsends for us this first year of parenting!) and also because I discovered the Skin Deep database through the Environmental Working Group (EWG). This database ranks products based on the toxicity of their ingredients, and I immediately evaluated all the products in my house, especially those I use with my son. I didn't like the Honest Company body wash I was using with him (I felt it was too scented), so I hit the database and found this as an option. It foams, which he loves, and it doesn't take much to get him all clean, including his hair!

  • The Suburban Eclectic - So Far So Good

    I haven't had an issue with leaks, and so far this flosser has worked well for me. However, I don't find it that quiet, but as this is the first water flosser I've used. I wish the storage receptacle on the side were a little deeper as the top doesn't close when the tips are​ stored upright.

  • chetana - Many Sizes

    The vacuum bags come in a box that is nicely arranged inside. We got a total of 15 bags, with a wide range of sizes The box includes a variety of sizes and types of vacuum bags. The bags include 1) 35" x 48" Jumbo Size Seal Storage Space Saver Bags, (3) 26.5" x 39.5" XL Space Saver Bags, (4) 21.5" x 33.5" Large Vacuum Bags, (4) 18" x 22.5" Medium Size Space Saver Bags, (2) 18" x 22.5" Suitcase Medium Travel Roll Up Garment Bag, (1) 13.5" x 19.5" Suitcase Small Travel Roll Up Bag. Also included is a hand pump. But i don't recommend to use hand pump use vacuum will be easy. if you're looking to minimize your closet with the maximum amount of space to be saved I suggested vacuum bagging I have not had any loss of seals as with some other bags that you make it these seem to be of good quality. The quality of these vacuum bags is good since the plastic thickness is enough to prevent too much bending and creases in the bag. The plastic is see through but basically is a thicker and larger version of a Ziploc bag. Not all of the bags are vacuum seal bags as there are some that are non-vacuum bags and just big storage bags. The hand pump provides a means to pull the air out of the bag that remains. The vacuum does a decent job but you need to make sure the connection is tight by unscrewing the blue cap on top of the vacuum bag. A regular vacuum can also work by taking the hose and connecting the hose to the connector where the cap is with the cap removed.

  • R. Krueger - If you overheat, shut down IMMEDIATELY, drain and flush.

    Read this before you use this product. My advice may extend the life of your vehicle even if this product does not fix your head gasket leak.

  • Tony Qski - Class A B-Flick

    This moive has it all: complete world destruction, amateur acting, iffy special effects and lousy plot. And it entertains from start to end. You laugh all the way through it. I was on my seat with animated suspense, laughing at its silliness, corny lines and two bit cliches. Its up there with the great cheese of apocalypse movies: Deep Impact, The End of Tomorrow and The Divide. What's even greater about this movie is that it did not attempt to explain the mystic dribble of the Mayan hypothesis. What a pile of crap that theory is. I laughed the loudest when Danny Glover overacted his main line with too much emotionality to the leaders of all nations: "Its the end of the world." It just had to be said.

  • Cheryl L. Carney - Quicken Fan

    I work at a university and my department as well as all the departments in the college use Quicken to maintain our finances and budget. We have used this product for several years and it fits the needs that we have for tracking our expenditures. I would highly recommend using this product.

  • jane marynus - Disliked it. Very little guidance

    Very slow shipping. Did not get to pick flavor of Passion. Disliked it. Very little guidance. The price was over priced.