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  • Firemedic437 - Garbage. Do not buy! Doesn't work and completely broke apart with 1st use.

    Wow. I don't know what they do in the informercials to make it look like it works but this is absolute garbage. Followed all instructions on the box to seed the appropriate amount. There was no seed in the box as stated, just the green liquid that is their formula that makes the grass seed stick. So I put my own grass seed in the container and measured it appropriately with the right amount of green liquid. I turn the dial before I turn it on since I read that it can stick. I double checked the website for instructions because there were no other paper instructions in the box and I couldn't find any other instructions online. Hook it up to the garden hose and had to use pliers to turn the dial because it was so stuck. I started off with the light seed setting and all I got was water, I know because my grass seed is blue seed so it's easy to see on the ground. After a couple minutes the seed starting coming out and the water was tinged blue. There was no blue foam like the commercial. The amount of seed/liquid I put in was supposed to seed 200sq ft. It all came out in about 25sqft. I shake the cannister a little because I figure there's seed stuck at the bottom. By this time the cannister is starting to leak where the hose is connected and at the plastic grip where it looks like a trigger but is just a handle. I try to turn the dial to "off" and the dial comes completely off and the whole thing splits in too. Absolute gargbage!

  • Kristine - I like the improvement 2015 made

    I like the improvement 2015 made, more interaction through the game pad. The only thing I'm still trying to figure out is how to get my original Wii controllers to work on the new Wii U system & games.

  • Taxlady - Motor burned out

    I loved the ice cream like product this apparatus made, but the motor burned out after a few uses. Very disappointed.

  • D. Steiner - Great set for beginners

    I'm new to diffusers and thought this selection would get me started. As it turned out this was a good idea as it allowed me to test the various scents and decide which were my favorites so I can order more of the ones I like. I expected to have very small amounts, but I've been using the diffuser constantly. I haven't run out of any of them yet. I have ordered a couple of favorites in larger quantities. So this starter kit was a very good idea and four or five drops is all it takes for about eight hours of diffusion. For anyone new to diffusers this is a great way to start.