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Pop Chiclete - Site da Nathalia Ferrari, jornalista graduada em 2011 pela USJT. Escreve quando quer/quando pode, sobre as coisas que a interessa e principalmente, quando tem dinheiro para ir até pauta. Continua...

  • http://popchiclete.com/post/149677230513/vmas-2016-a-mtv-não-sabe-mais-fazer-o-show Pop Chiclete - #VMAs 2016 - A MTV não sabe mais fazer o show? A expectativa para o Video Music Awards aumenta anualmente na velocidade da luz. O que vimos na última edição foi um formato bagunçado, apresentadores...
  • http://popchiclete.com/post/149665829213/uma-tarde-doce-no-atêlier-lili-glacê Pop Chiclete - Uma tarde doce no Atêlier Lili Glacê Se você me segue no instagram, sabe que às vezes me arrisco a fazer uma sobremesa. Na maioria das vezes deu MUITO ERRADO, MESMO. Mas não vou parar de tentar, né...

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  • Deborah - Concrete slab!

    Bought this mattress, it's so hard that if I lay on my side my leg will go numb and wake me up in the night. I'm thin, so it feels like I'm sleeping on concrete, my husband likes the mattress. I'm trying to find the right mattress topper. Lesson learned though.

  • Amazon Customer - Very nice

    Husband loves this spreader. He had another brand and says this one is superior to this original. Nice helpful product

  • Amazon Customer - Really not that impressed.

    It stays put and makes my mouse move butter-smooth. The size is more than enough to maneuver a mouse.

  • Annie Pope - So far so bad. Will edit when/if I find out more . . .

    This was only about $20, compared with the much higher price for the 2012 version, which, many reviewers did not rate as high as this 2011 version. I thought the lower price reflected the fact that it was not the newest version. There was no indication I was getting a used, out-of-box product. I don't know if it was used, but the single disc came in a bubble-padded manilla envelope, in a clear plastic disc-holder. No packaging. No instructions. No serial number that I could see. No way to register it that I could determine. I have not yet used it as another pending life crisis made me put my finances on hold for a few weeks. I will come back to edit this review after -- and if -- I actually use it. However, I was disappointed that the merchant did not describe the product (s)he was selling to disclose that I would NOT be getting the full package. Seems to me it might have been used, though that was not disclosed, either. And also, I wonder if I should even trust doing all the work of entering in data when, if it HAS been used, the disc might be damaged somehow and all that work would be lost. I cannot say that the packaging of this item instills any confidence in me in the product, before I even start. I'd probably send it back, but that $20 price is right there at the tip of the fulcrum. Which is more trouble? Packing it up and sending it back, and taking a chance on a small refund for a cheap product? Or just taking your losses -- live and learn about Amazon and its ways -- and chalking it up to experience?

  • Rollie D. Newton - The software is easy to use, but it won't let me e-file.

    I am retired and have HSA savings. There is a glitch in the H&R Block program this year that keeps you from e-filing your returns if you don't have a high deductible insurance plan, but do have a HSA account that you used to pay medical expenses. I contacted H&R Block twice and was finally told that even though my tax returns looked fine, I would have to print and mail in my federal and state returns. So my five free e-files got reduced to zero. Last year I had the same situation with the HSA, but I had no problem with the e-files.

  • need2comment - There are great to travel with

    There are great to travel with; the packs aren't bulky and are easy to open. I put 1 pack in a small amount of water rather than a large amount of water so that I can drink it quicker.

  • Kim J - love this calendar

    I look forward to turning the page every day for some witty humor. Usually share laughs with other cube dwellers