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Points East West Veterinary Services | - Lameness Exams, Canine Cruciate Ligament Repair, Veterinary Chiropractor, Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery, Veterinary Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Medicine.

  • http://pointseastwest.com/lameness-and-sports-medical-exams/ Lameness and Sports Medical Exam | - Lameness exams are the single most useful diagnostic test there is for determining why your cat or dog is limping. BC 604 See more....
  • http://pointseastwest.com/veterinary-orthopedic-surgery/ Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery | - For Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery emergencies in BC, the best number to call is (604) 932-5391, and they will locate Dr Lane for you.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/canine-cruciate-ligament-repair/ Canine Cruciate Ligament | - There are many ways to repair a canine cruciate ligament, and it is important to pick the treatment best suited for your individual pet, read more....
  • http://pointseastwest.com/dog-hip-dysplasia/ Dog Hip Dysplasia - Hip Arthritis in Dogs | - Dog Hip Dysplasia is a common cause of hind end pain. Non-surgical treatment works very well for most patients, giving them active lives. Read more....
  • http://pointseastwest.com/veterinary-fracture-repair/ Cat or Dog Broken Leg | - Dr Lane surgically repairs cat or dog broken legs and other bones, torn tendons, canine cruciate ligaments and other orthopedic conditions. BC 604
  • http://pointseastwest.com/luxating-patella-in-dogs/ Luxating Patella in Dogs | - Luxating Patella in Dogs - Medial Luxating Patella (MLP or dislocating kneecap), a condition where the patella leaves the groove or “jumps the rail”. BC 604
  • http://pointseastwest.com/animal-chiropractic-medicine/ Animal Chiropractic | - Animal chiropractic medicine is an excellent technique for reducing pain, and for increasing strength and mobility in both cats and dogs.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/veterinary-acupuncture/ Veterinary Acupuncture | - Veterinary Acupuncture can be very useful for relaxing painful & spasmed muscles, for accelerated tissue healing, and for strengthening weak limbs. BC 604
  • http://pointseastwest.com/dog-rehabilitation-therapy/ Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapy | - Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapy, the veterinary equivalent of physiotherapy in humans, uses non-invasive techniques to improve neuromuscular health.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/veterinary-regenerative-medicine/ Veterinary Regenerative Medicine | - Veterinary regenerative medicine involves concentrating platelet rich plasma (PRP) and Stem Cells and returning them to where they are needed to accelerate healing.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/emerging-therapies/ Emerging Therapies | - Dr. Lane is documenting his success treating urinary incontinence, tail self mutilation in cats using chiro & acu, and joint injections for arthritis.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/about-dr-david-lane/ About Dr. David Lane, DVM - Points East West Veterinary Services | - Dr. David Lane - diagnosing and treating cat and dog lameness issues. Veterinary chiropractic, orthopedic surgery, acupuncture, sports medicine.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/articles-and-case-examples/ Veterinary Articles and Case Examples | - A collection of short educational articles, examples of lameness or back pain conditions and how they were treated, and the occasional opinion piece.
  • http://pointseastwest.com/contact/ Dr Lane - contact information | - Dr Lane travels between several hospitals performing orthopedic surgery and lameness exams for painful or limping dogs and cats. Read more...

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  • S & B - Fits my 2016 CX-5 like a glove

    Fits my 2016 CX-5 like a glove. Just snaps right into place and attaches to the back hatch door. Easy peasy! Quality seems very good.

  • moose - cost more than you think

    after I down loaded and tried to actually use the software I get notice that I have to pay to register! and if you don't it freezes up and the use is limited. you have a 30 day free trial and it cost $35 to register or pay $55 if you wait too long. What gives. When you buy something it should be yours from the get go. so now im out $35 for a limited use software unless I give more money. I will not buy from this publisher again.

  • John M. Lahr - Work great at keeping stuff off

    Used this on my pool deck, driveway and all sidewalks after I pressure washed them last time. Work great at keeping stuff off. At this rate I may never need to pressure wash again. Very easy to follow directions.

  • B. Leahy - Solved Bad Breath

    I sleep with my mouth open because I have terrible sinus issues and I think that it was causing me to have dry mouth. After using this product, I have noticed that my mouth is more moist all the time and my breath is fresher. I figure that dry mouth was the source of my bad breath issue.

  • Late664 - I eventually bit the bullet even though I have other nice printers at home because honestly

    I contemplated getting this printer for over a month, mainly because I knew I was getting a sub $100 inkjet, just loaded with ink... so it's cost of $500 was a bit steep upfront.

  • Christopher Cooke - Great purchase

    My wife and I put this together in about 2.5 hours. Take your time and tighten everything really snug. It's not that hard to do at all. The main pieces are a bit bulky and having 2 people will help. Once we set it up, we tested it out. Smooth and quiet. Worth every penny. I am highly happy that we decided to go with this over other 18 inch stride versions. I am 6'3" and appreciate the size of this unit.