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  • Corey Quinn - Perfect fit!

    I tried finding mats at stores however the rear mats for the challenger 2012 are a strange size. These mats fit perfect! even better than the ones that came with the car.

  • Susan M Ross - Overated

    I didn't loose as much weight as I expected to loose after four weeks on the program. Its much like the Atkins diet so I just transitioned over.

  • reddecliff - Generally disappointing

    This volume disappoints. Either 2013 was a poor year for essays, or, more likely, the selected essays reflect the personal predilections of the editor, Cheryl Strayed. Most of the 'best' essays of 2013 read as 'stream of consciousness' type musings, and are, frankly, not very interesting. There are a couple compelling entries-- 'Highway of Lost Girls,' Confessions of an Ex-Mormon'-- but most of these entries are duds.

  • eyal - newman - the god's life rope to cancer patients!

    i am a orthomolecular-nutritionist and i had exactly 2 cases like the auther of that book had,so i know that every thing she wrote is completely true.she (the author)is a real cancer warrior,she begain to tell about what is cancer and how it work in the body,and what kinds of treatments available with a really open realistic sight.in the next chapters she explaines exactly the conventional treatments that she followed plus the attitute of her doctors to her, so called: "terminal condition of breast cancer".the will to live as she explaines drove her to learning many books on cancer and she start learning on her flash the alternative ways.she explains the detoxification program with exact instructions of how to do it individually,and responsibly.the author explaines the role of the immune system and how it works in order to ward off the cancer cells and their progresion.allergy\specific foods and recipes plus the roles of each orthomolecular nutrients (vitamins\minerals\etc,,,) in the treatment of cancer (any cancer!).there are a few chapters of incouragement that she explaines how to fight the disease moraly with amazing strategy and resoults.this woman is a real fighter,she also explains how the relatives should act if one member of the family \friend has cancer. the story of this author is amazing because of the fighting\positive attitute that this woman has. this is! the book on cancer!.i treat the disease and i have a few cases like this.this book is a bless from god,haleluya!every cancer patient\or a relative must have this book,believe me,my only interest is to see people getting better,i am a therapist.

  • Cliff G. - Ok, I only rated two stars because EACH TABLET ...

    Ok, I only rated two stars because EACH TABLET is wrapped, and has to be unwrapped to use. Sort of a pain to accomplish. I have a 10 tablet feeder, so takes a few extra minutes to unwrap each table for use.