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  • cassie - Protects my phone and great price!

    These protective glass screen protectors are everything I expected them to be. When I first bought my IPhone 6s plus. I spent 40 bucks on a glass screen protector that the employees said I “needed.” What I didn’t realize, is there are glass screen protectors for way cheaper that are just as good. The glass is thick. I compared it to the one one my phone and it is about the same thickness. It is not bendy or flimsy.

  • Muriel Sue - This really WORKS!!! Yes, I was surprised.

    I have to admit that I have seen this and other like it on t.v. and questioned whether they work. My 92 year old Mother wears fancy, expensive hearing aids and lately she is going through a lot of expensive #13 batteries. This was a stocking stuffer and almost was returned. But on a whim she opened it. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really works. In fact, she had to turn in DOWN it was so loud. This is a keeper as a back-up to her expensive professional hearing aids. Why would ANYONE pay $3,000 for a hearing aid when you can purchase these? Only complaint is we would like the rechargeable battery to last a little longer. But at this price, you can have a bunch of these.

  • ladyfree - Great

    Every year I try to get my sons to come over and hook up the new security for my computer. This year, I am proud to say I did it all by myself. The step by step instructions was easy and I was able to do it. Works fine.

  • Karyn - Not worth the risk

    This thing works, but it's slightly terrifying and annoying to use. First of all you have to do tiny sections of hair, which isn't that bad but is time consuming and the color is heavy. Secondly sometimes the hair gets tangled and stuck within the curling chamber. Which they tell you in the directions to unplug the machine and gently work your hair out . Even if you unplug the machine is still very hot on the inside and in the moments it takes for you to forcefully pull your hair out of it - it gets very damaged . Therefore I would not recommend this

  • Tori A. Hayes - Pretty close to home made!

    I was given a discount in order to give an honest review of this item. I make biltong of my own and this is pretty good. It lacks just a bit more coriander flavor but it is dried well and tastes pretty darn good! I like that I can finally get biltong ready-made here in the states. It is a long process to do it myself. I would like bigger portions though. The price is fair for the trouble it is to make. This would be great for camping or just sitting around munching on with a nice beer!

  • Kmac - Light weight frizz control

    My hair stylist recommended this. And it has been great. Other Aragon oil seemed heavy on my hair. This is very light and really gives good frizz control and shine. A little goes a long way!

  • F. Henry - ... find the Philips Norelco HQ6900/41 Shaver 1100 to be good for the money

    I find the Philips Norelco HQ6900/41 Shaver 1100 to be good for the money. It appears to be cheaply made but so far gets the job done. Since I don't travel that much, I prefer a corded shaver. It's a shame I can't find a top quality non battery operated shaver.