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  • Angela - Classy Red Cover

    It fit my new Fire Tablet perfectly. The case holds the tablet firmly, and I have no fear of it coming out nor becoming loose. I love the contrast on the back of the case. It gives it an upscale look. The case isn't perfectly smooth but has a subtle texture. The red isn't a bright red but a subdued classy red color. I don't prop it up much using the folding front cover, but I have done it a few times. If you are watching a program, presentation or video and have a table or desk to set it on this is a nice feature. I love how the cover was very reasonable and a great value, and didn't cost more than the tablet.

  • shmary - It works!

    The antenna work great. I just put it on the window and hooked it up to the TV and started searching for channels. I think if I had purchased one stronger would get more stations that are clear. I have all the local stations in my area and some that are further away.

  • S. Knauer - Burning and drying out skin

    I started using Meaningful Beauty products about 6 years ago. It worked fairly well for the first year or two then they changed the formula a bit. I know because I compared the ingredient list from an old bottle to a new one. Within a week after they changed the formula, my face had splotches of severe dryness that was red, itchy, and inflamed. I called them to cancel my automatic shipments and let them know that their new formula was horrible and was ruining my skin. They insisted that nothing about it had changed and then tried to sell me more of the product line. Just seemed like they only cared about making a buck, no apologies for damage to my skin.

  • Anae - Great for granola!

    This is a super great pan. I use it primarily for making homemade granola, and my batches come out perfect every time. It's easy to clean up (once I learned not to let the sticky granola cool on the pan!) and still looks brand new after 15 uses.