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  • Abbey's 1-Click Book Blog - i was sucked into the story but mainly because I wanted to ...

    Started this last night and finished reading this morning - i admit, i was sucked into the story but mainly because I wanted to know the back story around Misha and why he randomly appeared after not being around for month.

  • LibrasRock - A good purchase-get batteries

    Burned through the included battery in 3 days (CR1620 battery), so make sure you order extras when you order the unit. Works fairly well with my iphone 6. You have to work quickly or it shuts off and has to be removed and reinserted. Very nice convenient size, has an included rubber cover to protect. Would be nice if it came with a small case to carry with a few test strips and lancets. I have had trouble with the test strips wicking correctly. You must use ihealth testing strips which recently have been going out of stock on Amazon, but are the same price on their website (plus shipping?) Very easy import of readings and connects with the health app on the iphone in ios8

  • Leevje - and is super comfortable to drive long distances in

    Amazingly quiet & smooth, with instant throttle-to-wheel response - those were my impressions the first time I got behind the wheel of our 2016 3.6R Outback Limited. It swallows up the potholes and bumps with ease too! It has a real solid feel on the road, and is super comfortable to drive long distances in. The driver displays are intuitive & all of the functionality of Eyesight is easily mastered. The Eyesight features have helped me already many times over, keeping the car from drifting out of the lane, & stopping the car automatically when I was distracted - something that happens to me on occasion, especially when the surrounding landscape is nice! The media center voice-command features work really well and respond very quickly. Navigation works really well too & multiple smart-phone integration is fairly straight-forward & reliable. The interior is very well laid out, with quality materials throughout - no cheap stuff in this car! I also like the higher, but not too high ground clearance. I don't have to worry about scraping or hanging up the bottom of the front fender on a concrete parking wheel-stop, or whacking the door into a high curb, and it is so easy to just open the door & slide right into the driver's seat! If you want the bells and whistles without frivolous stuff, get option #23 & popular option #5. This is what we ordered. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. We have a very sophisticated, good looking & rugged automobile with an excellent reputation for reliability & resale value. And, these are all bonuses! My wife and I chose this car mainly because of Subaru's outstanding reputation in the AWD category. I'm sure this car will be no exception. Time will tell as we put it through it's paces. We plan to pull an off-road teardrop while touring the 4-corners states in the up-coming years - in winter & in summer! We'll try to update this review after our first long trip!

  • A. Garcia - Best Router out there! Securifi Almond Router FTW!

    if there is one flaw (not really a flaw just simple phyics) i wish we had the option to insert or connect an antenna.... to increase range.... that being said i use two of these bad boys. one a router and one as a bridge (repeater) so simple even a caveman can do it......

  • John Velez - One of my all time favorites

    This one is a classic because it has that nice piano ballad with awesome guitar licks that gives that song a little extra kick. I used to play this song on the piano all the time!

  • Tara E. Acuna - delicious!

    I love these sauces and have learned to depend in them for quick delicious & healthy meals! I add this one to sauteed onions, chicken &with black beans.

  • Marilyn J. Adams - Excellent!

    This software is very easy to use with step by step instructions and friendly userface. In a world of predators, every parent or guardian out there needs to protect what they love most: their family and their investments. With this software I was able to monitor my familys usage with time limits, find out who they were talking to before they were led astray and even monitor the items they downloaded onto my computer. A+ Mcaffee!