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  • Charmaine - Best Nike Running Shoe Ever

    I bought the same shoes in a Nike outlet mall last year. I wore them throughout my weeklong trip to Italy which included a lot of walking and standing in lines. I also used them for working out. They are so comfortable that I just had to purchase another pair! So I purchased these hot pink ones on Amazon and I love them just the same. In another 6 months I might just buy another one! :) BTW...I wear a size 11 and don't sometimes need to find wider shoes to wear but for some reason these shoes conform well to my feet.

  • t3tay - Well worth the research and purchase

    I'm in love with the Urbo 2 and have received several compliments. We did a lot of research on the top rated strollers and our choices came down to the Bugaboo Cameleon3 and the Urbo 2. We picked the Urbo 2 based on price, simple metal frame, the sleek/modern look, ease of use, and smoothness of the ride. After using the stroller with my newborn in the fully reclined mode and with the Maxi Cosi car seat and adapter, I am sold on the stroller. My only 2 cons would be the foot brake, I prefer a hand brake option (but I do like that either side of the brake controls both sides, unlike other strollers) and this stroller did not come with a bassinet, which is sold separately. I like that the stroller grows with your child from birth all the way through toddler years, or 50 lbs. The Cameleon3 is double the price and only last up to 30 lbs. More pros for the Urbo 2: car seat adapter is easy to use, love the extended canopy for extra privacy and sun blockage, the versatility to switch which direction your child faces is great, easy handle bar adjuster, and the stroller comes with a bug net and rain cover. My newborn also loves his stroller and always seems relaxed while in it.

  • bethea - Didn't help my cat at all. She died shortly ...

    Didn't help my cat at all. She died shortly after I began using it, but I think she was probably too far along. She was 20 years old.