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  • MrsRogers - Such a great line of products that work!

    I have been having a problem with losing hair lately. I have been under a lot of stress in my life and I have a bad habit of scratching myself when I'm nervous. I was wanting to find a shampoo and conditioner and some other products that might help. I'm also quite picky and it's got to smell good, not weigh my hair down or dry it out. I came across this brand and I just had to give them a shot.

  • N. Briscoe - Great product!

    So I'm going to leave feadback for 3 items that were purchased together to work together. This review is for Cellfood Original, Cellfood Essential Silica Formula, and Cellfood DNA-RNA Cell Regeneration taken together, 2-3 times per day. The same feedback will be available for ALL 3 PRODUCTS. I bought 3 Cellfood products that I've been taking internally for the past 8 days. The very first thing that I DID notice was the great sleep. I don't think that I've slept so good and awaken so refreshed in years. So that was definitely a plus. The second thing that I noted was how alert I was both at home before work and until the very end of my 4-12:30 am work shift. Usually, around 8 pm, I begin feeling very lethargic at work and have to fight sleep. I've been alert all week, without the need to consume energy drinks at work at all. The third and most remarkable thing was after the 2nd day taking all 3 products, my overactive bladder ceased to exist. I've been battling an overactive bladder for years. Sometimes with overactive bladder, you make it to the bathroom, but not without having lost a drop or two first. I'd just assumed that it came naturally with weakened muscles after giving birth to my daughter and with age. Apparently, I was wrong, lol. Not a single drop has made it out before reaching the bathroom since 2 days after I began taking these. It's like the muscles somehow corrected themselves.

  • Angela Nelson - Make sure you are reading labels!

    This did absolutely nothing for me. I have constant yeast infections and the other reviews gave me hope that this was going to help. If you look on the bottle it says, "Probiotic strains at time of manufacture." This means that the live microbe count probably does not guarantee this same amount will be available when you buy the product or take it.