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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • C. Smith - Forget Wet and Forget

    I haven't seen the results described on several tombstones that I treated (as directed). I think the little note about how the buyer won't follow directions is a rather strange. Was worth a try and hopefully other people will have success with t his product.

  • Skarz - Best stuff around

    Have been using this for years and it has never failed to work. I use the gallon size and mix one tube with a gallon of gas and it is ready to run in any ratio 2 cycle engine. I wouldn't use anything else.

  • Rachael McKEnzie - I wanted to like these, I've read a few so I guess ...

    I wanted to like these, I've read a few so I guess the story was engaging enough to keep me for a few hours (that I can never get back). But the plot was slow and the protagonist is whiny and kind of a baby. The character development was pretty bad and the writing was simple. No deep thoughts here! No new vocabulary words either.

  • Merle Cobbett - This styler is everything on my 4c hair. It ...

    This styler is everything on my 4c hair. It adds moisture, shine, and gives my hair wicked definition that lasts. Low glycerin content, so it works extremely well in the Florida humidity.

  • Jackie J - Maybe not for all hair types?

    I read every review. Every comment, I could find on this product and how to use it... I tried every way... Each time my hair felt dry and horrible after use. I waited, and waited for it to start working. I keep reading to make sure I read the suggestions properly. I'd read the back of the bottle EVERY single time I used it... My hair literally felt like if you grabbed a bunch of strands in both hands and 'snapped' the hair in half, instead of bending like flexible healthy hair should, it would just break in half...