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  • Karen Shroyer - This is working for me as stated

    I have been taking this for several days now and I have noticed a few things. First being the taste, when you first take it there is a strong taste of herbs but thankfully no aftertaste like with others I have tried. I have also noticed that about 45 mins after taking this and no idea why but my sinuses open up which is an added plus for my stuffy head. I have noticed a slight change in my daily focus and I am not dragging as much during the day as I have been. This is a good daily vitamin and mineral with an added blend of items to long to list. Some of the vitamins make up your daily allowance but no danger of getting to much of this as they are all water soluble. If you are looking for something to help give you a daily boost and help the brain this is the first I have come across that has worked at all for me.

  • gogo - Im in love

    I just received it and its really gorgeous but unfortunately it came without grantee, so if any thing happen i cant repar it withou it, otherwise i really loved it

  • Norminha Portuguese - Great product at a great price!

    After a year, I decided to use colon cleanse. This product is excellent, in price and quality. My patchy skin, damaged by sun has improved and noticed it is more even in color and at the end of the bottle, I hope the damage skin will disappear. Because many elements contribute to a discolored and two-tone skin formation, specially in face and arms (where sun hits the most) I have to tackle the problem from inside out, instead of treating its surface only. In winter, dead skin falls off, only in parts, not evenly. I know it is aging too that contribute to the problem, but now with colon cleanse, cascara sagrada and a good intake of vitamins and minerals, my skin and hair are improving greatly.