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  • lien - I like the book so much

    I like the book so much. It has a bunch of beautiful images to easily understand. It is good for my career

  • Amazon Customer - Great stuff, and doesn't smell at all!!

    I was lucky enough to receive this product from PinchMe to try out. I very happy because this product worked so well! I suffer from chronic lower back pain as well as tendenitis in both wrists. And lately my ankles and hells have been so painful! I have been taking so much over the counter pain releivers that it is affecting my stomach! So this arrived right at a good time! I applied it to my ankles and all over my heels, I then rubbed the excess on my wrists. And....IT WORKED! Within 5 minutes I was pain free! I couldn't believe it! And unlike other pain creams, this one is virtually scent free!! What a bonus! It absorbs quixkly and is not greasy. I highly recommend if you suffer from ackes and pains whether it is your muscles or joints or your feet, this product works!! I am happy to have received it!

  • Pamela O'Malley- Fuller - 200Mg Guarana

    I tried this on rec. of my dr. for lack of energy. Basically it did less than a cup of coffee for me. Doubling the dose helped slightly...I now am ordering and using 900-1200 mg tabs and they work so much better, give you energy but not overload. Do not bother with this low dose.

  • Darby - Save your money

    Waste of money. It isn't worth the $200. I have trouble with the roller stopping, so I'm constantly having to stop and restart it. This was a problem from the very first day. I purchased it because of the glowing reviews. I'm so sorry I did.

  • Amazon Customer - I loved this book and cannot wait to continue this new ...

    I loved this book and cannot wait to continue this new series. I am an avid Shade follower and this series is very different from what Bella has done before. The series is called The Gender Game but it is nothing like the hunger games so please do not prejudge this book. I fell in love with Violet and Viggo and want to learn so much more from them. This story could very well be our future.