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  • Amazon Customer - They are nice but a couple things needs improvement

    Well I wanted to give these sneakers a 4 star but there are 3 things maybe 4 that I didn't like. First and foremost they come in a Ziplock Bag which I find was very tacky. Secondly, the fitting as I thought it would fit just right since I'm an 8 in women which converted as an 6.5 in Men's, since these are men sneakers, they do run a bit small which makes it a little uncomfortable. Thirdly, I find it not cool that the picture says moufit but in person they do no have the logo, it's just a black seuded area(the part that's suppose to say Moufit). Fourth, I feel the inside was poorly made. They could have done a better job because the shoe pad inside is not properly positioned and looks like it was hot glued. And lastly I don't know if it is me but the shoe sole seems to make a squeky noise and when I walk it feels like the rubber tends to stick as to where It feels sticky if that makes any sense. I've bought sneakers similar to these but offline at a store called Rainbowshops which are far more room, extremely comfortable, good quality for 16.99. Overall despite the con's, they still look nice, and I'm still going to wear them until they aren't good to walk in anymore.

  • Anne A. - The best I can do is tell people DO NOT BUY ...

    I have used the WORX 4 times; it is a piece of junk. I wish I could get a refund but I am certain that is not possible. The best I can do is tell people DO NOT BUY THIS product. The string constantly breaks, it doesn't cut a clean edge ... in fact, it doesn't cut much of anything. I love ordering from Amazon and have been pleased with every purchase except this one.

  • Reader - So far, so good

    I was confused by the reviews here, which seem to be all over the map. In the end, I decided to take a chance and purchase SmartDraw 2012 Standard, which I purchased by phone from the manufacturer. Their website offered only a downloadable version, and I wanted a "hardcopy" on CD. The person I spoke with at SmartDraw was very helpful in answering questions, and said they can ship a packaged version for an additional $19.95, which I was fine with. No sooner did I hang up, than I found an email with a link for downloading SmartDraw immediately, which I wasn't expecting, but really appreciated being able to use the software right away, without having to wait for the CD. There was also a second email with links to a series of tutorials - I appreciated this too.

  • Gayle - Hair feel so soft and smooth!!!!

    I have damaged hair from high lighting it, the sun, straight ironing daily, and now menopause. The ends break off extremely easy and my hair has basically stopped growing. I ordered and received this deep conditioning 5-in-1 hair mask by Keeva Organics in two days thanks to being an Amazon Prime member. Upon opening the jar I am pleased with the nice fragrance. I applied the mast after washing and allowed to soak in for 15 minutes. When rinsing out I noticed how silky by hair already felt. After blow drying my hair was very soft and smooth. I didn't have to use the straight iron for nearly as long and my hair stayed straight and frizz free all day. I am very pleased with how my hair feels and would not hesitate to recommend to my family and friends!!!