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  • SOPHIE RYAN - Buy one!

    This is a fantastic device! I use it on my face, lips, neck, chest and hands. I spend 7 minutes on each area of my face and have used it about every 3 days for a total of five times so far. I can see a significant difference. My fine lines are disappearing, the nasolabial lines are filling in, my lips are plumping (they get their own 7 minutes ;), my hands look younger and the texture of my skin is smoother, poreless, and softer. It's the best $150 I've ever spent.

  • Artii - made my dentist smile

    Great value got it for 1/2 the price at bb and beyond does a great job, has too many options so it can do everything but change oil. Careful it is powerful. I put mouth wash in it. tried to use scotch flavor but wife did not like idea. humor aside it is a good thing

  • BlueLady - Dear Similac, I hate you.

    The price gouging continues. This is my second baby with a severe milk allergy and in that time I've paid at least a years worth of college tuition for this powdered gold. Similac says that they had to increase the price due to "changes in the manufacturing process." What was wrong with the old process and why are struggling families with sick babies forced to bear the brunt of it?

  • Kristina Binard - Must have for Performance Evals

    This book will help you to succeed no matter what end of the spectrum you are on. If you are reviewing your staff or are receiving the review, this will give you options on how to write your goals or how to help others set theirs with a clear understanding of where they are starting from.

  • Lorraine Smith - This is a great product.

    Before reading about the effects a toxic liver has on the body I had never thought to take a liver cleanse. After taking Complete Liver Cleanse I left like a new person, I don't feel tired and worn down anymore and with this new energy I've lost 15.

  • Richard B. - Surprisingly effective

    I received a free sample from PINCHme and after that one application I came to Amazon to place an order! It was pleasant to apply, relieved my heel pain, and I liked the ingredient list. Look forward to using this!