Peacock Cleaners & Laundromat, Carrollton Drop-off Laundry - Full service dry cleaner and commercial laundry located in Carrollton Ohio, 44615 at 62 2nd Street NW. Besides dry cleaning, we wash, dry & fold, too.

  • Hours | Peacock Cleaners and Laundromat - Dry Clean Hours of Operation Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 7:30 am - 6:00 pm Closed Wednesday Saturday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm Closed Sunday   See website
  • Oil Gas | Peacock Cleaners and Laundromat - Oil, Gas, & Pipeline Laundry Experts How to read the laundry pick-up and drop-off zone map. Zone 1 - centered around Reno Cleaners in Louisville
  • Specials | Peacock Cleaners and Laundromat - Check out our Amazing Senior Citizens Laundry Offer Seniors get one FULL BAG of laundry done each week As low as $9.62 per week Each week participating
  • Map | Peacock Cleaners and Laundromat - Directions to Peacock Cleaners Peacock is one block north of the downtown square. Just east of the railroad tracks between the Depot, the feed mill, and the

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  • Pj Laine - The color is pretty but...

    This reminds me of the blush by Sleek Makeup called rose gold because it has the shimmer. I was not sure what to expect being that this product is new and the reviews all had great things to say, but I did not care for it to much. I will use it as a highlighter on my upper cheeks only. I have dry skin and olive to tan beige skin tone and it was not pigmented enough on my cheeks as I would like it to be. It is a "Cheek Powder Blush" as it states. I am glad that I tried this product out.

  • Brian A. Brisky - Does the trick - on my 2013 ranger full size 800 efi

    Bought this for my 2013 ranger 800 full size. Fit just fine. Install was a bit tough by myself so I brought to a shop who had it installed in 15 min. Has some extra holes and we didn't use the black support rods. Aren't needed. Does the job though- good value / would buy again

  • megan - Still have fleas

    I wanted this to work so badly. The drops for some reason do not work on my cats so I hoped this would finally rid my cats of fleas. But no, 3 months in and they still have the fleas. The only thing that kills them is weekly flea baths, and obviously they suck for everyone involved. I'm at my wits end. :(

  • Leilani T. Walton - Great!

    I have to admit, watching "Breaking Bad" was what reminded me of how much I liked this. The remaster is clear and wonderful.

  • Susanseu - A Must Have Product!

    I've been using Miracle Skin Transformer religiously for about 2 years now. It really does do what it says -- my friends commented on my improved skin just weeks after I started using it. After they quit selling it at Sephora, I began buying at Nordstrom, until I found that Amazon sells it for a few dollars less. I typically wear it daily with only Bare Essentials Mineral Veil over it, and it makes my fair, freckled skin appear smoother and more even. No irritation whatsoever! And it has SPF 20 to boot (which normally bothers my sensitive skin big time)! On nights I go out, I'll use my MUF foundation over it and it pairs nicely. I guess my only complaint would be that it doesn't stay put very well - don't touch your face with this on (not that you should be touching your face anyway), but it's minor compared to the benefits you get. Worth every penny and I will continue to buy it. One tube lasts me about 4-6 weeks with daily use.

  • Canfit - Got a good sweat, but wasn't hardcore

    Descent for beginners. Got a good sweat, but wasn't hardcore. That is what I was looking for though, as this was just an extra to add to my schedule after eating dinner.

  • Charlene Arnold - Nixion Shampoo is fantastic

    If you have thin hair and realize that you are loosing hair every time you wash or comb it. Star using Nixion Shampoos. The product is wonderful and restores the hair you have. It will be shiner and healthy.