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  • RushHour Reader - Thank God for Audio Books

    I am so thankful for the audio version of this book. I drive 4 hours to work each day, and listen to this book over and over on my drive. Jeremy Irons made the book come alive to me. I will never look at random numbers the same way again.

  • K.C. Yanko - It's worth it!

    This product is worth the money. I started to feel more relaxed and less stressed on the third day. I highly recommend this if life just isn't as easy going as you hoped it would be.

  • S. J. Rafferty - Do not trust documents to this scanner

    It appeared to save documents. It appeared to do huge backups - 8Gigs+. But when I tried to export to PDF, I get an error message. After six months of denial, customer service looked at the error log and confirmed that my documents are gone forever - and the paper copies have been discarded.

  • B.E. - Great classic family game

    I get so tired of the kids wanting to constantly play video games. I decided this year for Christmas no electronics! while that was unrealistic, I did buy a few classic family games. This was one of my favorite game nights games to play and the price was great. So we will be playing SORRY and interacting more with each other this coming up year and less with the console and controllers. I am excited to start family game night with my kids and this in my opinion is the perfect game to start with.

  • Cathy Greer - It's worth it!

    I bought this after reading/watcthing reviews. I was a little leery but I went ahead. I must say I LOVE this machine!! It took a few tries to get the color which is why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. Cleaning it takes a little time but it's soooo worth it. I was FaceTimeing with my sister and she said she loved the way my skin looked with this product. So worth it!!!

  • Angela Orndorff - So far this is a great product and I am pleased with the results

    So far this is a great product, being a woman I have noticed it's not oily and absorbs quickly into the scalp. There is no residue and I am looking forward to seeing what the results are.

  • L. Ooten - Dante and Jodie's story

    This was a good book, and I liked the story. It flowed well (which is a big deal for me), and I love a HEA. Dante and Jodie have great chemistry, and it was nice to see them grow, and learn to be with each other. I have to say, it was really nice to read a book like this, and not have the h do something extremely stupid, and almost get herself killed in the process :) I've enjoyed every BB Hamel story that I've read, and this one fits right in. I will always be on the lookout for more from her!