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  • ValerieS - Rid-X Septic Tank System Treatment 3 dose

    I assume this does the trick, as this is one of those things you can't really check. One thing I find humorous is the box is made for 3 doses, yet the instructions say to discard after application (??). So I guessed at what a third was and flushed it. Then guessed at what a half of (of what was left); then I used what was left and tossed the box.

  • scottls1 - Acronis True Image Home 2010 vs Norton Ghost 15 (loser!), TIPS...!

    I happily used ATI (Acronis True Image) for years with XP, and ONLY used it for full image Backups/Restores (I beta test Security Products, and a 30yr software tech).

  • Dr. Tek - Tivo File Support, But Crippled at Best!

    Roxio is one of the ONLY programs out there that offer Tivo file support for editing and authoring. I bought 2012 with that in mind, but much to my surprise, the resolution is limited to 640X480. I've sent emails to BOTH Tivo and Roxio, and each one points to the other as the reason for the crippling. Roxio has had Tivo support for some time, albeit crippled.

  • jayhawkker - I've used this in my 1-acre lot for 4 years. It works.

    Follow the directions so you don't trap snakes IN your yard. THis is very effective. I reapply every 3 months in snake season, and we just don't see them. We did before: at least 2 rattlers a year in the back yard, pls 5-6 others. DO NO HANDLE without gloves. I'm sure it has ground up mothballs in it. The odor goes away after a day or two, esp. after you water.

  • Rich - Cant even get the game started. What a rip off

    Bought this on EA Origin as digital preorder download. The download took forever and when I just wanted to start it up and start my own city, it kept giving me a server or "Unable to create City error. I've waited for this for years, paid my money before it even launched and this is what I get???? Think long and hard before you order this...if you'd like to throw away $59 feel free to go for it.

  • Jenny Lau - User friendly

    I bought the book to learn certain function in Outlook. The book provides steps which are easy to follow. It serves the purpose well.