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  • Amazon Customer - OMG!!! LOVE IT!!!

    I HAVE THE GREENSTAR JUICER THAT WILL DO EVERYTHING INCLUDING MAKE YUMMY BANANA ICECREAM, BUT I am just not in the mood to mess with that big machine that has like a million peace's. don't get me wrong, these high quality juice machines are wonderful for the vegan and raw lifestyle, but sometimes ya just want a simple solution for one thing!!! WELL LET ME TELL YOU!!! STOP LOOKING CAUSE YOU HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT PRODUCT!!! OMG!!! I just love this product, it's so wonderful!!! I put about 2 bananas in there, but the way I do it is: first I put a half frozen banana, then some walnuts, then some Onceagain Almond Butter-Raw/Crunchy (100% Organic), 16-Ounce (bought it on amazon) then push it through, then I put another half frozen banana, walnuts and Onceagain Almond Butter-Raw/Crunchy (100% Organic), 16-Ounce, just repeat until you are done. OMG!!! this ice cream taste like the real thing, now mind you, I haven't any sugar products in a long time, so it's sweet to me, you may have to ad honey, sugar or any other sweetener. the next thing I am going to try is a frozen avocado. you put a slices of frozen avocado, and some pistachio nuts and a little honey, and wallla, you have pistachio ice cream!!! these are just tips of some no sugar kind of treats. you could put fresh mint and chocolate chips along with banana or avocado or frozen coconut or something else that's a frozen fruit and make like a chocolate chip mint ice cream. Buy this product if you are trying to stay away from the real toxic yummy stuff!!! To your new yonanas lifestyle!!! Cheers!

  • William D. Collins - Almost too good to give away!

    I bought five copies a month before publication, planning to use four as gifts. I have delayed presenting them because I loan them to friends who promise to return them promptly after reading them. They come back in good condition because they've been read so quickly. I've recommended both the book and website to several people in waiting rooms who have seen me reading (or re-reading) Now You Know.

  • amazonlove - Keeps face feeling fresh and clean

    I really like this wrinkle repair lotion. I bought the night lotion and eye lotions as well and they are all fantastic. I never have the greasy feeling when I am wearing it, and it applies well under make up. The results are apparent right away. As mentioned on the bottle, it does make your face tingle. I could see this as a potential problem for those with sensitive skin. I will definitely buy again.

  • JayJay - In my boy's top three favourite books!

    Very nice! I usually read this to my son together with "Super Daddy Bedtime Questions" which is another father and superhero related storybook but with a slightly different philosophy. My son is 5 and it appears that he will take after his dad and be a superhero and sci-fi fanatic (yuppeee!!). Very nice pictures and a superhero motif throughout. I like the action in this one. In "Super Daddy Bedtime Questions" i enjoy the humour and the subtle message that superpowers are no match for a father's love. But both books emphasise that in the eyes of a child, a father is a hero and that is why i am very proud that these two books are amongst my son's favourites together of course with Pepa Pig! I guess her dad is cool too! Lol

  • mama - Wow!

    I can't believe how many things this watch can do! Fun games, tells time, and it has a camera that takes pictures and videos. My just turned 4 year old is entranced. It's very intuitive... He figured it all out on his own.

  • cannibalxpkd - ALL good reviews must be fake. Product is borderline a scam.

    As I'm sure most of you have figured out, the reviews are fake the instructions were vague small printed and overall annoying and connecting it to anything is about impossible, due to its WiFi receiver being blocked by static proof seal. The exposure of the electrical board components shows these to be a house job, and therefore I'm qualifying these as a scam for those to dumb to know how to return.

  • Pandora - pretty good product

    I have used bosley products before and always end up coming back to them.. A littler goes a long way with both shampoo and conditioner. I feel the price is in line with other upscale hair products.and it arrives pretty quickly. I can't tell weather it actually increases hair thickness or just appears to. However my hair appears thicker when I use it and really feels "squeaky" clean. The only negative is that it is rather drying.