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  • Maureen - Was not computer compatible

    We had our tv for 4 years and were happy with it. Then we did a netflix streaming account and hooked up the laptop to the tv via the vga cable, as the directions in the manual tell you to. The next day the tv was dead. After a lot of on-line searching I found out this was a defect in their earlier tvs that hundreds of element tv owners have posted about online. I tried 4 different contact numbers that I found online--as the the manual has not contact info, but there is no number to call and talk to someone, only email. They still have not responded. There should be a class action lawsuit on this. They know their tvs were defective and are not taking care of the problem.

  • Amazon Customer - wasn't for me

    Didn't see any boosts in anything, not even recovery time. If anything, may of had an adverse affect for me.

  • D. Fox - This thing is JUNK

    I read all the bad reviews and ordered it anyway.. I thought maybe I could get it to work. I connected it and it started installing as soon as I turned on the TV. What it was doing is installing firmware that was older than what I already had but at the time I didn't know that. On step 2 of the configuration, it allows the selection of wireless, wired, or no network. Before putting in the EVO, my TV would connect to my wireless network as soon as I turned it on and there are about 10 other wireless networks in the area besides mine. On step 2, this thing can't find any wireless networks.

  • Shutterbug - OK for the price

    First bear in mind that this only costs between $15 - $20, so don't expect miracles. Others tell me that the audio they hear is as good as any other bluetooth earpiece, so no complaints there. The audio you hear is not so good. Sounds like you are in a muffled tunnel. The one advantage it has above many others is that it is an earplug not something that sits by your ear letting unwanted sounds in around it. This blocks out surrounding sounds so it can work well in a noisy environment.

  • Lin Watchorn Coloring book - Wonderful quality product

    Mirror? Art? These strips make everything easier. I've been buying these a while, And I used them to hang up art on my wall, A medium sized white board, and even a full sized long mirror. Make sure you buy the correct size you are using to hang up, Also put the strips in the right place and enough of them so it will hang well. Wonderful quality product. Not that cheap velcro stuff you often see. These are weird plastic like things that stick together tightly, but cause no damage to your wall.

  • Corey Helwig - Great VR glasses

    Let me start off by saying that I have been a fan of VR tech since its inception as a mere concept. I tried Nintendo's weak attempt in the 90's and countless other gimmicky failures along the way. It wasn't until the Google VR glasses that I felt Virtual Reality had finally become viable. What Blitzwolf has done here is perfect what Google started by polishing the experience. This has been done with craftsmanship that comes a long way from cardboard to what I feel is the best set of VR glasses on the market currently. I used the Blitzwolf VR glasses in uninson with an iPhone 6sPlus. I like how well they fit, the headstrap attached to the unit is comfortable and feels sturdy. I like how well crafted the compartment for your phone/tablet is. I feel like my device is safe and won't fall out while I move around. This is an important feature with how expensive these phones and tablets can be today. Everything feels snug, well made, and the unit fits so well to my face that no light peeks through. A nice added feature that these have is 3 separate dials to focus perfectly. What other designers forgot with their models was that people don't have the same vision in both eyes, so especially for those of us who have glasses (which you have to take off for this experience), those dials are essential. Blitzwolf gets an A+ for design.

  • Ibram - Unbelievable

    I'm an Actor and Stuntman and I workout 4 times a week, I love weight lifting and I left very heavy normally.