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  • M. ONeil - I LOVE IT ... total time saver

    I am a terrible housewife from the get go ... this product is awesome. I'd like to simply say it made cleaning the floor easier (which in essence it has) ... but I had gotten so sick of the nasty mops and swiffer type clean up (with expensive refills) that I stopped mopping my floors unless absolutely necessary. Well I spotted this beauty and thought I would give it a try. I LOVE my new toy. I don't need to have my hands in the mess of dirty water. It will give a quick electric broom treatment, followed by a scrub and then even sucks up the dirty wash water. I flush it away (or toss it outside if its really bad) and keep going. I really can't believe how much it picks up compared to other items I've used. I will be getting one for my parents' beach house just to save me extra work there too.

  • Amazon Customer - Checkbook register

    The register was just like other reviewers said. They are inexpensive, just like the ones that come with ordered checks, and are really nice to have. Since so many transactions don't require checks, the registers are often used up prior to ordering another set of checks. This is something needed, and they came very quickly.