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  • Kryssy - Glad to have this settled.

    After purchasing this item I tested it on my mother and my son. After waiting the designated 4 hours for each test I was happy to find out that my mother was indeed my mother and my son was actually my son. All this speculation, despite seeing pictures and having a video tape of my own birth and going through the birth of my son myself, has driven me crazy for a very long time and I am extremely happy to have this all settled. Best product ever. 5 stars.

  • NonTech guy - Extortion of a monopoly

    How can I say this product sucks strong enough. This product must be bought as a 3 year only stand alone or a monthly subscription....(Can anyone say "same thing") However, my problem is the lack of disclosure. When you buy the software Intuit doesn't tell you they will render it useless in 3 years by requiring all transactions to be manually entered. They proactively render the software useless? They say it like this "After 3 years we no longer support online banking" What they mean is "after 3 years we SHUT OFF online downloading of transactions nor will we allow you to import files or cut & paste transactions into your register. We actively shut off the ability to use the product until you pay us again,"

  • kkofva - One of the gotta have it books for gamblers

    As good as this is as a guide to Las Vegas, it's really a smart gambler's guide, plus map and info on all the casinos in the whole country AND the coupons.

  • Mohammad R Harati - Move Free Advanced side effect

    I used Move Free Advanced tablet more than one month and last week it started some pain in my right side waist and gradually and day by day this pain enhanced. I thought this might be related to my liver and meanwhile I stopped using this tablet from two days ago and now the pain essentially has decreased. Today I surfed online for finding materials related to side effects of using Move Free Advanced and I noticed that before people had problems regarding to acute liver toxicity.