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  • DudeReviewsLMAO - I have always hated facial moisturizer because I can't stand my face feeling ...

    I have always hated facial moisturizer because I can't stand my face feeling greasy, but it has backfired with me going so many years of having dried out skin.

  • stinchcomb - So happy

    I purchased the Base Fat Burner because I have been recently struggling with my weight loss. I have been on my weight loss journey for a long time and have had many ups and downs. I most recently have been stuck and starting to gain back. Since I have been taking I have been back on track and feel great about my progress. I have been losing weight each week with no gains and I have been feeling fuller and have less cravings for junk food. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

  • JeffW - Great Security Software, definitely feel protected!

    Let me start by saying that I would have definitely rated this product 5 stars if Kaspersky had been better about updates (Firefox Add-on compatibility).

  • BC Cloutier - Amazingly passionate

    Scott Pratt has the ability to bring the reader through a full spectrum of emotion -- from laughter to suspense to tears in a few hundred pages. His characters are richly crafted and his descriptions have such realism as to give the reader a front row seat in an unfolding drama. Bravo, Mr. Pratt. I can't wait for another of your lawyer tales.

  • Paddywhack - All natural and made in the USA

    I’ve tried a variety of pre-workout products, and found that nitric oxide supplements are practically essential for getting the most out of your workout. These products also help to reduce the day-after soreness. What I found about this product is that the capsules are of a reasonable size, and are relatively easy to swallow. I did not experience any side effects, like the nasty burps or stomach cramping. There were also no jitters, itching, blotchiness, or other effects that you sometimes get with preworkout supplements. The only down side to this product is that the serving size is FOUR capsules. On the plus side, however, this product is made in the USA. The capsules contain 100% natural ingredients.

  • Tonya - Love this product!

    My hairstylist used this on my hair and I loved it. I have been using it for several years. Smells great and adds great texture. I have thick hair so this really helps but it only takes a little. You literally have to tap your fingers together to make it look like taffy then apply to your hair. You do not want to put it on clumpy. Follow with light hairspray and your good!