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  • Claire - it is good looking and strong

    it is good looking and strong, but as everyone else said, (1) the maneuverability is a disaster: my mom, my husband and myself all got wrist pain thanks to it! and I don't like the fact that (2) it does not allow baby to sit straight: once they get older babies don't like to lay back all the time and it is great struggle for them to try to sit straight without the proper back support, besides the straps pull them back whenever they try unless you make the straps really loose which then becomes insecure, therefore purchasing the tray may not be a good idea as babies can't really reach it and may become very frustrated. (3) I dont like the net part when it is in full recline position. it is good ventilation but not ideal for sleeping babies. I know you probably can cover it up with the extra bag thing, but why they design this way to give us extra work and the silly baggy looking. (4) it is NOT easy to change seat recline position: it is so hard that I basically give up. (5) the storage basket is NOTE easy to access and NOT large. (6) the rubber on the wheels are not durable: after just being out for a few times, they look badly worn.

  • Anonymous - Not accurrate

    Inconsistent and inaccurate readings. I was sick this week and had chills and hot flashes, so I couldn't tell if I had a fever. Every time I took my temperature I got a different reading, so I tried on my toddler and the same thing happened. I got sevveral readings that indicated that I had a fever over 101 degrees so I went to the Dr's only to find out that my temperature was basically normal at 98.7. Really??? Yes - total waste of time!

  • frank - wipe new sucks so does the company

    wipe new doesnt work the company will put free things in with it and charge you shipping for each item the botle is a sample size bottle the free cleaning kit is two snott rags and one rubber glove paper thin thats right one glove for $15.98 shipping not refundable the say 100% mony back its a lie they will give you your money back for the product but they keep the shipping charge even if you change your mind like i did i told them i didnt want the product because they couldnt give me a total sale price they gave me a number to call and when i did they said it was to late already ship product it sucks they suck and i wouldnt buy anything from this company fyi. the bottlr is only about three table spoons full and that is the double size not like tv. or this picture WIPENEW YOU SUCK SO DOES YOUR PRODUCT AND YOUR CUSTOMER SEVICE DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT !!!

  • Pen Name - Great product! If you don't want to spend hundreds on a Vitamix blender, this is a wonderful alternative!!

    I love our nutribullet. You can literally get almost an entire days worth of fruits and veggies in one serving... And it is delicious. Many of us have heard about the Vitamix blender, but most of us can't afford 500 dollars for this kind of appliance. Plus, who wants to clean an entire blender when you can individualize all your smoothies and just blend and clean all in one cup?? We got ours at bed, bath, and beyond. With a 20 percent off coupon (you can go to their website and get one), we paid $85 for our nutribullet. Give it a try-you won't regret it!!

  • Sydney P. Thompson - Neat idea, poor execution.

    I really enjoy using the meter and the app, but the batteries that were included in the meter box lasted approximately 4 tests each. Why does it drain batteries when it's only plugged in 4 times?