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  • Mike Chelette - It works

    I was very glad to have come across this product and this particular brand as well. I had some scars cause by surgery that I really badly wanted them to be off of my sight. Luckily, trying this out and being consisted with applying it gave very nice results to skin. This item is one of the best practical ways in reducing the look of scarring. It did produce a good result in the appearance of my scar. This has a variety of features and benefits. I liked that it is mostly made of organic or natural ingredients which makes me believe that my skin is being fed and nourished in the inside with all of its natural goodness. After several usage, I was able to tell the difference from the time I had not used anything on my scar and now that I have been using this. It did diminished that unwanted bad looking skin and I am hoping that eventually with my continuous application, it will totally disappear. This lotion is not sticky as well and is absorb fast by the skin. It also gives good moisture.

  • ScottyGaZ - Great product, great price, silent on highway at 80mph

    Excellent! I don't know why the Audi roof rack provided by Audi howls like crazy even at 45mph and this thing is pretty much silent on my jeep at 80mph. Install took about 20 mins, easy. As others have said, put the blunt side forward like an airplane wing. Look good, quality seems fine, etc. Oh, one tip compared to other install instructions I saw here.... you don't need to pry end caps off.... when you turn the key in the end just pull the key and the end pops off.