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  • M. Gilkey - the SMALL amount of experience that I have had with this product and company is very bad.

    BitDestroyer (I mean, BitDefender) deleted some of my software without warning, shortly after scanning it and saying that it was ok. It's possible that the software was infected between the earlier scans and the scan that caused BitDefender to destroy the software, but I doubt it. So I think BitDefender probably screwed up.

  • Miss Molly - Read this book now. Be prepared. Be informed.

    I knew the book was going to be shocking because A Friend of Medjugorje is the only person bold enough to put himself on the line and tell it like it is. Boom! He's honest and direct and every bit of the information in the book has been painstakingly researched for accuracy and the truth. We don't want to know the truth though. We'd rather stick our heads in the sand and pretend that all our problems are going to just go away; they won't. The world is in trouble, the United States is in trouble! And that's not new information to anyone. They Fired the First Shot 2012 is a travelers guide and we all need direction. A Friend of Medjugorje has laid out the facts about what has been happening in our government and what will happen - the government has a very real plan for 'We The People', and it's very different from the plan our founding father's had in mind. Do your homework, read this book, double check the facts yourself -- all the sources are listed. Then pray that you will be able to find the strength and conviction to change your life and follow the plan outlined in this book. If you decide to stick your head in the sand though, that is totally fine and up to your free will. But why would anyone do that? The book is a gift, graced with profound insight and clear direction. Read it, the clock is ticking and it's urgent. There's no more time. Be Ready.

  • Mtz. Family - Super bright and will save you tons on the electric bill. +++++

    This are awesome in front of your house lighting up the pathway to your front door. I found this to be very bright at night. My house is located in a area that there's no light pole. So I needed to find a way so other people can find my house at night. I had lights that I plug in but, it started to cost me a lot on my electric bill. So I needed something that I don't have to plug in in house and that it would last all night but can be rechargeable. So I got this rechargeable stainless steel garden lights. They last up to 8 hours on and they can recharge with the Suns light. I am impressed with the lights. They are also all weather/water resistant. The led light is so bright that I don't have to put them together. I can separate the six lights to cover more of my front yard. The size of each light are perfect that you hardly notice unless it's night. Easy to install in any yard. I didn't have any trouble pushing them in the ground. All in all I'm very impressed and super happy that I got this on my front yard. I totally recommend anybody to purchase this to light up your yard.