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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • on the mountain - All show and no go

    The antenna looks good, and it doesn't get caught up in the car wash (my goal), but it gets zero reception... In fact there's no difference between using the stubby and nothing at all. Fortunately I only listen to satellite radio so I don't care if it doesn't work, which is why I gave it two stars instead of one.

  • MARCHE - It works

    It works great! It cleared my nose up as advertised. I would purchase this product again in the future. Thanks!

  • Wisconsin Doubter - Wet & Forget - Believer

    Purchased Wet & Forget last year, 2012, on a recommendation from an acquaintance who was at our house in late spring and saw our decks with the green mold on them. The 3 decks are on the north side of our house and every year would develop the mold slowly over the summer, then every spring it was a 2 day task to try and clean them and make them presentable for the summer gatherings. I tried pressure washing, this removed the mold but if you didn't watch what you were doing you could also remove the wood surface. I tried various other cleaning products but nothing seemed to work as well as getting out there with hot water, bleach, and a scrub brush. And as I said this was a 2 day project and really only lasted about 3/4 of the summer.