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  • PoePhreak - You people really don't get it...

    This is not a toy at all and how it can be considered a "parent child testing product" is beyond me. This "5 pack" is, in fact, the painstakingly and meticulously preserved mummified remains of the gods of the Eyebrow People of Munchkinlandia, a small but fierce race of interstellar inkwell producers who reside on one of the moons of the Klingon Homeworld. You might want to duct tape those things onto a rocket and launch them back before we're all doomed.

  • ck_from_nj - Pricey but worth it

    I bought this for my daughter. At 5' she needed a very light weight bag for walking the course. This bag is very light and has lots of ample storage pockets. Well worth the expense!

  • nixnexus - Great Thermometer to Have in the Household, Especially When you Have Little Ones to Gauge their Temperature Before a Dr Visit

    A few months back I purchased a thermometer just like this for my sister who has an eleven month old baby girl. She is always taking the babies temperature as a first time mom, and this item allows her to take the babies temperature without having to take a rectal temperature, which is really great. Long story short, I wanted one of these Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometers for my own home. I like the Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer because it gives an option for inside ear readings which would be more accurate than the forehead reading. These thermometers are good for letting you know if you need to take your temperature with a regular thermometer or go to the Dr. or ER. This item gives a great ballpark estimate of your real temperature and the numbers are lit up and large enough to read without any glasses. It is so easy to use and will tell you if you have a fever, but the exact number of your temperature can only be calculated using the old fashioned or professional doctor's office equipment. As long as this thermometer is used as a screening tool and not a definitive answer it will be helpful and useful.

  • pinecone66 - good deal but RTIC according to Nicole their customer representative ...

    Warranty CAUTION .. Unfortunately i got 2 30oz Tumblers and the Lids are defective (RTIC knows about this defect) and leak between the cup and seal. I have contacted RTIC regarding this and they will not warranty their product unless its purchased directly off their website. My purchase was a groupon good deal from groupon but RTIC according to Nicole their customer representative they will not honor any warranties where they distribute for resale. I did read the warranty off their site - does not state that at all. I guess RTIC can make warranty information up on the fly. Warranty

  • Ejiro - I love this Protien treatment

    I love this Protien treatment. Even though it's sticky, it does make your hair real strong. I usually leave it on for 15 minutes or until all of my hair is dry. Remember to use a great deep conditioner with this to bring back the moisture to your hair.

  • Amber F - Disappointed!

    Really disappointed in the music selection. My 9yr old daughter only knew about 4 of the songs because most of them were VERY old. I wish I had read the play list before because I would not have bought it.

  • Amazon Customer - Wonderful way to charge all your devices at the same time!

    I used this on a recent trip, knowing that hotel rooms don't always have a lot of extra outlets. It was wonderful and I was able to have enough to charge my phone, tablet and my friend's phones, too! It worked GREAT!