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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Halusis - This show was supposed to be entertainment But what becomes ...

    This show was supposed to be entertainment But what becomes now is an attempt to scar our minds in tragic toned theatrics with no imagination.

  • Manya R. - What is not to love when you are playing Magic

    What is not to love when you are playing Magic. This was for my son and I am thrilled to see how in depth this game is for strategy building, as well as how much math is involved. It is a great game.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic EDC flashlight

    Fantastic EDC flashlight. Very bright, appears very durable. Comes in at a fantastic price point. Definitely can't go wrong, and is currently my favorite flashlight under $100 that you can purchase. Don't hesitate!

  • Scott Jibben - Search & email bugs mar an otherwise good product

    I upgraded from QB Pro 2012 because there was a problem connecting with external mail servers. The bug is random and will refuse to send invoices (endlessly tells you that your password is wrong and asks for you to enter your password again; even though it is right!) or any other email documents. I thought that surely this would be fixed two major versions later. It isn't. Intuit's solution? Restart your computer. Yes that usually works, but I have to shut down all my software reboot and then hope that I can send out my invoices. Seriously Intuit? Two major versions later and this is still a problem???

  • Iusedtobeacat - Disappointed.

    My Hair has been falling off tremendously for the past 6-8 months due to stress, poor nutrition, dry weather, my chronic anemia and I'm guilty of abusing it with heat, excessive chemical dye and yes I'll admit it the most horrifying haircide as Dr.Oz would put it of all Brazilian Treatment *Priming* it last year. All, before I knew that it's gonna be a recipe for disaster. As a result my hair became weak, had a terrible texture it would be dry and brittle. It's half the thickness it used to be if not more. My 80 year old grandmother had more and healthier hair than I did it was terrible. So, I went to the Dr for a hormone check and appears to be I have no problems in that department My hormones are normal and fine. However, I do have iron deficiency which I just discovered lately and started taking iron supplements about 2 weeks ago which might very well be an underlying cause for my hair fall. Noted, I've always had anemia as far as I can remember and I thought it disappeared as I grew older but it didn't. Before, I had tackled my anemia issue though the Dr prescribed this product for my hair fall. It's great because I believe I'm not taking enough vitamins through my diet anyways I hardly eat fruits or vegetables considering I'm back in My parents house for the Holidays and we like to eat meat here and Carbs mostly *eh*. So Taking supplements was a great idea and most vitamins and capsules that you can find in the drug store e/g "Biotin" aren't that expensive compared to this product so seeing How highly expensive it is one would think it would work wonders in a shorter period of time well it hasn't. I'm not saying that this product doesn't work at all, trust me you'll see a difference in your nails mine became stronger and longer and grew faster. You'll also notice an additional hair growth in your body. My armpits, my legs, my bikini line all that hair has grown much thicker and more than before. If that's a problem for yo then you might want to take precautions I guess considering it could be a possible side effect but then everyone's body is different so you might not experience that. Personally, I did not notice any other side effects unlike Biotin it didn't cause me to break out or anything from that sort. However, my main concern for taking this product is my Hair and that was the least effected part of all. I'm not saying it didn't grow because it did trust me. It has grown but it didn't grow as long as a person would think it would. I was expecting it to be longer than it did but it hasn't. I don't see any major improvements in the thickness of it either. It's been two months since I took these vitamins and my nails are still strong, my body hair is growing great, my hair not so much *there is growth but not as I had liked*.

  • Punkrkgrl - Meh.

    I'm giving this a meh because its a nice case with some serious flaws. You must be using the lightening cable and NOT THE LIGHTNING TO 30 PIN ADAPTER the opening is not large enough to adequately accommodate the adapter. This case is very hard to remove and after about the 3rd time the thin strip at the bottom will break! I had to keep removing it to use an adapter and it broke on abut the third time. If you need to use the adapter or anything else get the speck case with the flip bottom! It flips back for docking no need to remove the case. Speck products are nice and I do recommend them but this one has its drawbacks.