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Obesity Journals,High Impact Journals Articles List - Jacobs Journal of Obesity is an international online publishing Journal involving various aspects in the field of Obesity research. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems.

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  • David Battaglia - Don't bother

    I loved the first Independance Day, in fact I own a copy and rewatch it from time to time. I knew that this sequel had gotten so so reviews, but I though how bad can it be? Well the answer is pretty bad. The screenwriters just basically took the first script and switched a few things and not for the better. Acting is terrible, overacting and juvenile antics. The only reason I'm watching it to the end is because I paid good money to rent it. Don't make the same mistake.

  • JPX925 - easy peasy

    I have never prepared my own taxes before. Had a trusted preparer for 8 years (loved her dearly!) and when she retired, went to her son for the past 11 years. Had been using a tax preparer all these years for ease and convenience but over the past 3 years, communication responses from him started to lag significantly. Finally decided to prepare my tax returns by myself this year. Got this TaxACT Ultimate Bundle and doing it was such a breeze, plus I saved a lot from paying tax preparer's fee. I compared it with copies of my previous recent years' returns and everything matched and added up (except for the exact numbers, of course) so I knew I was doing things right. State e-filing is included and free, Federal e-filing is free for first time users then $9.99 for the subsequent years. Very happy with the TaxACT Ultimate Bundle software and I will use them again next year.

  • kesha - Never Again

    The Crystal Radio Kit that I ordered is great. It came from Best Service Store. Ha Ha Ha That's not the right name for them. My product was ordered on July 29, 2011, it was lost. I had to contact to store, they did ship it out, but they ship the wrong item. I did finally receive the right item August 28, 2011 almost a month later. I needed this item for a class and this company caused me to lose point off my grade. I would order this product again just not from this store.

  • john longo - Product is not how it appears in photo

    Photo of product is not what I received. I ordered a gold emblem and received yellow. I expected the product to be more original looking based on photo. It was not worth the expense and time to return

  • P. Wong - Very comprehensive GRE review tool

    A very good book and realistic review and preparation of GRE exam. it also provided many mock exams.Haven't gone through the whole book yet but it seems working.

  • DebbiB - Fast paced thriller doesn't disappoint

    Mark Edwards writes psychological thrillers – good ones. The Devil’s Work is his most recent release and he has once again hit it out of the park with his storytelling ability. This novel will have you identifying a bunch of red herrings and heading down blind alleys in search of the truth of its plot before all is finally revealed. The reveal is as tense and frightening as any devout reader of thrillers would like it to be and the mystery at its core equally as creepy. This is a devil of a work to put down…