Nursing Homes Abuse Advocate - Nursing Home Abuse Advocates (NHAA) was formed to help individuals and family members of nursing home residents be informed about their legal rights regarding

  • Donate | NHAA - NHAA is a national organization in all 50 states. We are the voice for our elderly who are silenced and cannot speak out. We greatly appreciate your donations,
  • Nursing Home Residents’ Rights | NHAA - The Nursing Home Reform Act is to make certain that all federally-funded nursing homes provide quality care and services aimed at maintaining the physical,
  • Nursing Home State Laws & Federal Regulations | NHAA - Nursing homes are minimally required to comply with federal nursing home regulations who receive Medicare or Medicaid funds .
  • Federal and State Surveys on Nursing Homes | NHAA - The Nursing Home Reform Act requires states to conduct unannounced surveys at least once every 15 months; which would include resident interviews
  • Required Services for Residents of Nursing Homes | NHAA - Nursing homes must provide certain services for their residents and must also follow strict standards for these services, stated in the Nursing Home Reform Act.
  • Your Options | NHAA - Evaluate nursing homes and assisted living facilities and compare with other facilities by reviewing each nursing home’s survey report.
  • Locating and Comparing Nursing Homes | NHAA - The Nursing Home Compare interactive tool lists the most recent federal survey results, populations of the nursing home, and facts about the nursing home’s
  • Nursing Home Offenders by State | NHAA - This page depicts a current list of nursing homes in the U.S. which have been recently cited for abuse and neglect.
  • Surveys by State | NHAA - This page depicts a list of nursing homes in the U.S. which have a survey that has been published.
  • Nursing Homes with History of Serious Issues | NHAA - This webpage offers a list of nursing homes that (a) have had a history of serious quality issues and (b) are included in a special program to stimulate
  • Privacy | NHAA - We do not sell, trade, transfer to outside parties or otherwise allow access to your personally identifiable information.

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