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  • K. Ray - Best bra ever.

    I hate bras, I picked this one up originally because I was at the store, I needed new bras (had been putting off shopping for them), and I very rarely see wire-free bras in actual stores. Now I'm ordering as many as I can. This bra is sturdy, with thick elastic (especially in the straps). The cups are some fabric which is smooth on the outside and super soft (slightly fuzzy) on the insides, there is no padding in the cups except for the thickness of the fabric, but it does an OK job of providing modesty under a shirt. The rest of the bra is a thinner, almost mesh-like material--slightly artificial feeling, but soft and strong, comfortable next to the skin, and helps with sweating. The cut supports (a medium/C cup) without squeezing or giving you a "uniboob" look like a sports bra. The three-hook closure in the back feels kind of wide at first but you get used to it.

  • M. Pickering - An Advanced Solution That Works - But Still a Chore

    As a person that consumes large amounts of coffee and tea, keeping my teeth white has been an ongoing struggle that has prompted me to buy just about every whitening product available. Every time Crest comes out with a new Whitestrips product I give it a try. Many have been disappointing, and all have proven to be a somewhat unpleasant chore to use. Now I understand that doing something to make your teeth whiter is worth some time and effort, but using the Crest Whitestrips is usually a messy, uncomfortable process that I have always dreaded. Still, I have always been able to get noticeable results so I continue to use them nonetheless. Until recently I was getting the best results from using the Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects 10-day System. However, those strips still tended to slide around on my teeth and required that I keep my mouth closed for the entire treatment.

  • Judith R. White - I really like this product and have lost approximately 10 lbs in ...

    I really like this product and have lost approximately 10 lbs in 2 weeks but not a lb a day as advertised. There's the taste of alcohol to the drops but other than that no taste. I recommend this product and have ordered my 2nd bottle. I use the B 12 add on with it.

  • Ronald S. Burkey - Best Hercules movie ever ... in other words, the only good Hercules movie ever

    There has been a seemingly infinite number of Hercules movies in the past, uniformly worthless as far as I can recall, and I didn't expect any more of this movie than to watch it for a few minutes and then watch something else. However, I found myself watching it through to the end, and think it is not only the best Hercules movie ever made, but perhaps (off the top of my head, without researching it a lot) the best mythologically-based movie ever made in English.

  • Turtle - Turtle approves

    Our child loves this formula and we've yet to have any problems with her. Easy on her tummy and recommended by our pediatrician. Same price as Wall-mart and Target. Costco has the infant formula 2 pack which averaged out to 0.90 per oz but they didn't carry the Newborn formula.

  • Todd Wynia - Good protection, wish the spam filtering was better

    A decent product. I've used the Anti Virus for years and I've never been infected. This year I got the Internet Security package because it was actually cheaper on Amazon than the Anti Virus alone. Installed easily. And it's no where near as annoying as McAfee. I was hoping the anti-spam would be better. The anti-spam that's built into and included with Outlook is just as good or better. I feel like I'm constantly having to teach it which stuff is spam. It's just so blatantly obvious to me as a human that its spam.

  • rangelar - It works, be careful if you have sensitive skin or deep cracks though!

    i really like this stuff, the only reason i didnt give it a 5 star is because its kinda gross! it works, just give it time. so i am a 45 year old woman who has been jogging for 27 years and have had dry cracky heels forever. i soaked my feet in epson salt and water first as is recommended and left it on for 1.2 hrs. (someones review had suggested using one bootie on one foot and then on the other - if you want to be frugal, you can, there is enough gel in each boot - save one for later). anyway, took them off, feet felt like i had soaked them in salt/acid for the first day or two. then nothing for days. gross as it may sound, i had peeled a thick layer off my heel a day or two before using this stuff so my heel was really dry and uneven, and i also became concerned that this wasnt going to work/peel. since this stuff had done "something" to my feet, i decided to take my pumice stone to my heels so as to make sure to get anything of my heel off that was affected by this stuff. so i did and some definitely loosened off - more than usual. a few more days later, making it about five or so, the peeling began and it didnt stop for days. everywhere peeled, except for my heels, understandably since i had already worked on them, but i worked on them with the pumice stone as well as other dry toes. in fact, i soaked a few nights which aided in the peeling. its been about a month and my feet really are softer ALL OVER than i can remember. my electrologist has used this product and suggested that anyone with deep cracks, into raw flesh, should NOT use this product and she also wondered if it really was all natural - i mean what is this stuff? it sits in your skin days before it actually works and then it does work! read some bad reviews too - it burned some folks, so if you have frail skin, think twice. my feet are sort of like crocodiles, so i was OK! their website offers no customer service. the description suggests to do this regularly, like every few months. i would NOT recommend that as i think it would cause callus like build up all over your feet. maybe annually. lastly i have seldom frequented nail salons, but totally skeeve them bcs i am petrified of getting a fungal infection - which as you know, are impossible to get rid of. Pedicures have nothing on this product. They could never get your feet in the condition of what this product does - unless you go all the time, which is NOT an option for me.