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  • Drew Cope - HORRIBLE

    Huge waste of money. There is nothing to study. It is just “practice questions" that aren't even on the real test. Do not waste your time or money on this junk.

  • BilkoSW - Very disappointed

    I was impressed with other Shark products enough to buy this vacuum to replace an Oreck. First of all this vacuum weighs more than the Oreck and has a smaller head and is noisier, but to its credit, costs less. As another reviewer said, the true test of this vacuum is whether it will last more than 13 months. Well, it is just shy of 7 1/2 months and this vacuum just died. It was preceded by a very loud sound coming from the motor but was not the result of running over or trying to pick up any large objects. It happened with normal use. When calling the customer service, it was obvious I was talking to Asia. The person belabored the fact that I needed to be sure that the electricity was working in my house. He then informed me that I'd need to ship it insured, all at my expense to N.C., and then spend $16.99 to have it fixed despite its alleged 5 year warranty. Sorry, but this product just doesn't last with normal use and their warranty and customer service leave much to be desired. There will be no more Shark products in my household and my friends and family and Amazon will learn of the fact that I cannot recommend it or other Shark products.

  • 1endinsight - Worth the Money

    I did not want to spend $20 on this manual since I tried to find it at the local library. However, now that I see what information they have compiled, I am amazed that they don't have to charge more, just to cover their costs.

  • Hubert Sims Jr. - Wide Range of Brightness Modes

    My favorite. I have a number of headlamps, some of which are brighter, but for its size this is the best. Like the other reviews say, one AA is all you need. The spot is super bright and has a great throw. BTW, the spot has 4 modes including SOS. Literature says 134, 34, and 4 lumens. Flood is a nice even wash of light with 2 modes plus a strobe. What like best is the range of light levels. High spot gives you enough light to see a long distance and low flood (or maybe even low spot) is just right to read a map or book by. Then there's the bag. Just the fact that you get a bag is impressive, but it is also a top quality bag. Nice material, hi tech d-ring, and a seperate pocket for the mesh pocket to tuck in to so your spare batteries dont bang against your headlamp. I'll be getting more.