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  • Stacy K Bosi - Cocoa Spice Tea

    Delicious! Highly recommend to give it a try, if you like Chai. This has a wonderfully mild cocoa taste mixed with subtle spice. The blend is right on the money, as the spice is not overpowering. Contains cinnamon and ginger which is the power behind the smooth cocoa taste. Just YUM!

  • Chris oliver - Great Song!

    Awesome song from a great album. You cant go wrong with Phil Collins, the man basically defined the 80s. :)

  • E. Younkers - Not my thing...

    I imagine this does "something" but as far as loosing fat I am fairly certain all this does is string you out for intense cardio and suppresses your appetite. I found it far more appealing just to adjust caloric intake, throw in some CLA and keep lifting heavy. I don't enjoy the tweaked out feeling I got, and certainly not over any extended period of time. These "fat burners" are not proven and are mostly a waste of money. You may like this sort of thing or find it effective - its just not my bag.

  • Donna S. Webb - Too expensive for no results......

    I am a licensed Esthetician who was curious about Nerium since there seemed to be so much buzz about it. I used the Night Cream every night until the bottle was empty, about a month, and did not notice much of a difference. Will not repurchase.

  • Dog Owner - Didn't Work

    I have fine light hairs on my chin and lip and I followed the instructions exactly and this product did not remove anything. I would not recommend it. It did not burn or hurt or leave a rash, but it also did not do the job I bought it to do.

  • Jennifer Hampton - Works Perfectly

    Works perfectly. It blocks calls and sends them straight to voicemail. Just exactly what I was looking for. Now, I don't have to be bothered when I don't want to deal with those spam calls that are constantly hitting my Voicemail