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  • KEVIN DURANT - Poor performance

    I had a creator product in the past and that software was great. I assumed because of it's predessors I would hang my hat on that reputation, however it would appear that limited in its abilities and software probroblems right out the box. Returned the product because I could not get it to work.

  • Armando Scalise - Unbeatable GIS in terms of power, ease of use, price and service.

    As a GIS professionalI have used Caliper products for 20 years. Maptitude is the GIS software I recommend to my clients, because of its perfect balance between ease of use, analytic power and wealth of geographical data bounded with each new release. With Maptitude usrs, both seasoned and beginners, can start creating meaningful, informative maps in a couple of days. Despite its smooth learning curve has powerful resources for developing complex spatial applications. I have used Maptitude in business intelligence, academic research, environmental consulting, land management and GIS education. In all cases, Maptitude allowed me to develop my projects efficiently and at a low cost.

  • Megan - you will begin to notice a nice sensation, call it peace

    Helpful but not a miracle book. It lays out the point of simple meditation in very clear terms that did make something click for me. In a nutshell, watch your thoughts roll for a few minutes as if you're watching television. Then, notice the space between your thoughts. Thoughts are not running through your mind in a constant stream. If you look closely, after a while, there are gaps in between the thoughts. Focus on those silent gaps. After focusing on this no-thought for a while, you will begin to notice a nice sensation, call it peace, bliss, quietness, etc. Focus on this good feeling and watch what happens!

  • Don Incognito - don't start with this if you're new to the entire field of coding

    I do not recommend this book for those who know nothing of coding and are just starting to learn. The book explains the upcoming new medical coding system ICD-10 without explaining ICD-9. It obviously assumes the reader already has a certain level of knowledge.

  • Caihop - Made My Acne 10X Worse Than Ever

    I was incredibly optimistic when I started using this, thinking I had finally found a healthy, organic and most importantly an effective way of reducing acne. I was very mistaken. I used this product in combination with the facial cleanser and the moisturizer and it made my face break out 10X worse than it had ever done in the past. I re-read all of the instructions and followed them to a T, but after about three months, the acne has only gotten much worse and did not get better until 6 months after I stopped using this product. A huge disappointment and a waste of a lot of money.

  • art detective - love the paper it's printed on

    This book was so nice to use in that the paper, and spine were constructed in such a way as to be able to open a page, and flop it open, and it would stay in that open position. This was very handy for reading on the fly so to speak, in that I did not have to wrestle with the pages blowing about, or having the book constantly memorizing a bend and going to that spot automatically. The drawbacks for the book to me were the weight (I would have liked something smaller, thinner for carrying, and something more concise for specific places or travel problems to avoid) I had some issues with the commercial aspect to some of the recommendations. I had issues in my travels that were not covered well by the book but were touched on at least to give me pause about some things, such as money changing, and train travel. I did not find information in the book, that I found with help from a tourist guide in Orevieto, such as; if you have dollars to change for Euros you can get a much better deal if you take your passport to the post office instead and change your money there. Train tickets, lateness, bin numbers, and other issues about train travel, were confusing in the book, uses language not commonly used by the local ticket sellers. He makes everything light and breezy, and does not cover enough of the nitty gritty.

  • Leslie17 - my mother colletcts the swarovski ornaments and is so happy to have been able to have this special 2016 ...

    my mother colletcts the swarovski ornaments and is so happy to have been able to have this special 2016 annual ornament.