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  • Mel Woods - This book is BAD. And I don't give a ton of 1 ...

    Okay. You know that showing not telling idea of storytelling? Apparently nobody has ever mentioned it to Bella Forrest.

  • Skee - TWO STARS :-(

    Limited to one size card. Event Planner displays ALL holidays regardless of what you select. Card difficult to personalize. I'd send it back except I do not have a package.

  • Angel M. Pitts - False claims

    Product did not work for me. Nowhere close to claims. The Doc that made this product looks great because he did / does Cenegenics, which is basically an MD prescription for steroids. I saw him on their TV adds also.

  • W. Purnell - First road bike

    Impressed so far. Rides comfortably. The brakes required some adjusting from my local shop, and the seat had to be swapped out. But the bike itself is very nice, it's a joy to ride it. Would recommend.

  • Soupee - Bad.

    Quickbooks is fine for what it does...however price compared to what you're actually getting is ridiculous. Much like other programs like this however name recognition wins out!

  • A. Moe - I've been collecting these snowflakes/stars for at least 15 years ...

    I've been collecting these snowflakes/stars for at least 15 years. This one is okay, but I can't say it's one of more exceptional designs I've seen. It will be part of my collection though.

  • D. Joe - Good Value...

    I bought this because initially I was looking at a sunrise clock to wake up my daughter. The Phillips one that comes up at $130+ seemed a bit pricey. I decided to take a chance on this as it was 75% less. There are some pros and cons...