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Michigan Plastic Surgery | Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Michigan - Change in physical appearance not just increasesself-confidence; it additionally makes the person to have positive thinking as well as lead to a outgoing individual.

  • http://michiganplasticsurgery.org/about-us/about-drali/ About Dr. Ali - What sets the best cosmetic surgeons apart is extensive training and experience in plastic surgery procedures.
  • http://michiganplasticsurgery.org/breast-augmentation/ Breast Augmentation | Michigan Plastic Surgery - Breast enhancement or Breast augmentation is a corrective surgery process to enhance the shape and the size of breasts without changing their consistency
  • http://michiganplasticsurgery.org/breast-lift/ Breast Lift Surgery | Michigan Plastic Surgery¬† - Actually breast lift not only perks up those breasts, rather they enhance your silhouette. Breast lift is sometimes referred as breast lift surgery
  • http://michiganplasticsurgery.org/breast-reduction/ Breast Reduction | Michigan Plastic Surgery - Breast reduction¬† is a type of cosmetic surgery administered by physicians to minimize the excess fat and tissue deposit in the breasts, along with any loose skin attached to it
  • http://michiganplasticsurgery.org/face-lift/ Face lift | Michigan Plastic Surgery | MI - Best cosmetic surgeons along with affordable face lift operation have permitted numerous men and ladies revive their appearances and rejuvenate their looks.
  • http://michiganplasticsurgery.org/liposuction/ Liposuction | Michigan Plastic Surgery | MI - Liposuction has great results if done by licensed and well qualified plastic specialists. Plus, your body is brought back into right shape
  • http://michiganplasticsurgery.org/neck-lift/ Neck Lift | Michigan Plastic Surgery - Lower rhytidectomy, or a neck lift, is a surgical method that enhances noticeable signs of aging especially along the neck region and jaw line.

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  • C. Sim - Great look, terrible instructions

    Here's the deal - I give this a 5 star for looks and a 1 star for installation instructions and price (average of 3). The instructions are bad drawings only - you should take a look at a video on you tube before you install - that will save you a lot of time. This looks great and dresses up the Jeep, but at $100, it's really over priced.

  • Joel B - Great Upgrade from the 810

    Decided to upgrade from the 810 and it is way better! While the screen looks smaller than the 810, it seems to fir more on it.

  • Richie C - Air hockey anyone?...

    This is a beautiful case provides good protection if you drop your phone. Looks great especially the blue color. The power and volume buttons are easy to use. My only two problems with this case is when you put it down on it's back there is no grip whatsoever. You can lightly tap it with your finger and it will glide across any smooth surface like and air hockey puck and while talking on the phone provides grip on the top of the sides but lower where you would be holding it to text or we browse etc with one hand it is very slippery. I've had it less then a week and about a dozen times the iPhone went toppling back or I had to do the frantic two handed safety catch! This concerns me a bit.

  • CrimsonandBlue - At first i wasnt so sure.

    I was a bit skeptical with all the 5 star reviews and the one who said they were all fake. I noticed that too, but I took my chances. I received the camera and it was very easy to set up in our babies room. But we immediately noticed that the picture was fuzzy, but thought maybe it was where we had it located, so we moved it around and it didn't make a difference. At this point I thought maybe I was right about the reviews, but I emailed customer service and they responded within an hour and said they were shipping a replacement and that I didn't need to return the defective unit. The new one arrived today and was easily set up and I was amazed at the picture quality. I cannot say enough about the customer service and how happy I am with this camera now. Highly recommend.

  • Michael Kennedy - Hiatt is great.

    John Hiatt is one of the finest songwriters in America. Ignore Nashville and it's good-time-drive-my-truck-to-the-beer-and-babes fluff. Here is country and Americana at its finest.

  • T. Howard - Not Ready For Prime Time

    I tried to like this camera. I'm a bit of a tech junkie. And, I was eagerly anticipating its release. I took it out snowboarding on Vail Mountain. The camera "froze up" several times. When this happens, you have to remove your helmet, remove the camera, open the waterproof container, and remove the battery. Very frustrating. The operating system is horribly clunky, and time consuming to use. The GoPro App completely drains the battery of the camera quickly and is essentially useless. I think it is the wifi in the camera that is a terrible drain on the battery. The photos that I was able to take were nice; but, not worth the headache. The video I was able to take was not smooth flowing, it was very jerky. I'm taking my camera back for a refund.