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  • Hannah R - This mostly tastes like your typical detox tea -- kinda herbal and grassy

    This mostly tastes like your typical detox tea -- kinda herbal and grassy, but then it's followed by this beautiful rosewater flavor that I adore. It's too bad there are only 14 pyramid sachets; I wish they had done a loose leaf blend because it would have lasted a lot longer. I've been making it a point to drink a lot of tea and take up intermittent fasting (I only eat within a 6-8 hour window of the day) and I've lost a few pounds since I started. I drink this and other teas in the interim.

  • E. Carlson - Low amount of EPA & DHA for this price

    This is a very low amount of omega 3s for the price. At a whopping $20 per gram of omega 3s (EPA &DHA) in the bottle, almost any bottle on sale at Amazon or off the shelf in a drug store will give you more omega 3s for a much lower price. For example, this typical large gel cap product 

  • Kazunori Mogi - GoPro Silver

    I read a ton of reviews on both the Silver and Black edition before buying this camera. At the moment, the majority of reviews for the Black are pretty negative so I decided to go with the silver. I've had this camera for about 4 days have have shot a lot of test footage and am pretty happy with it so far.

  • Amanda W. - Nothing like using Quick books for Windows!!

    This Quickbooks for Mac, has no feature to allow you to manually do payroll without paying a "fee" minimum of $20.00 per month. I purchased a Mac and spent way more money than a Windows Desktop, specifically for our business. And I cannot even use the program the way it SHOULD be designed to be used. I am very disgusted with this program, and wish I would have known this sooner, I however found out the hard way, and tried to do payroll, and waited a total of 45 minutes on hold with Intuit, only to find that even if I do payroll myself, and have an accountant that does my tax filing, I have to pay the $20.00 a month. That is over $200.00 a year to pay our maximum of 5 employees. Just beware if you purchase this product, you cannot do payroll without paying an additional fee! It already cost over $200.00 for the program. I have Quickbooks on my old Windows computer, and will be installing software so that I can run the Windows version of QB on my Mac. I think that Intuit has made a HUGE mistake!!

  • kent m - Works, but requires lots of patience to build

    This is not for most children, regardless of age. I'd have to say it would take someone at least 12+ (maybe 16+) with lots of patience and dexterity. My hands cramped up winding the coil and it took me (40+ years old) a solid hour to wind. I agree with others that attaching all of the wires was equally difficult. I gave it two stars, maybe a half star more, because I was able to get it to work. I would have been really angry if it didn't work after all that effort. I'm glad I stuck with it, but others should be aware of the determination it requires to complete.

  • William Shakespeare - 2014 still a bit buggy

    Having used Quicken since 1991, I have upgraded Quicken every year since my initial introduction to Quicken. I have seen good years and bad years. 2012 was not a particularly good year. I read so much negative about 2013, it was the first year I ever skipped updating Quicken. I decided to wait a year since they moved all development to India.