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  • bookworm - I love this product

    This purchase was the first time I've used the Neat software and scanner. I've had it for a few weeks now and I love it - I feel more organized & can finally get rid of a lot of paper I've had filed. The scanner picks up the amounts and dates on receipts and documents fairly well, which makes scanning receipts easy. I'm also impressed how it picks up wording in recipes so you can search by ingredient. The Neat website has also been helpful with questions I've had.

  • Nancy R. - Great purchase!

    It fits perfectly and protects my phone very well :) I combined it with a screen protector that sticks on and it is working like magic.

  • Kathryn Thomas - The scent?

    Well, the scent is one of the reasons I purchased this product. I love the scent of the original. I am so tired of artificial, flowery, fruity and harsh scents. Even the names of the scents, are crazy. Country Vanilla, or Clean Cotton, or Spring Breeze, Fresh Spring and so on endlessly but they mean nothing. Does anyone really think Fresh Spring is a scent they can identify or that the Fresh Spring in New Mexico smells like the Fresh Spring in Indiana? Enough of that, I think the original is very nice, and very low key, and I am very sorry that it has been changed. In fact, I am pretty worried that the actual product has changed, too. Why not leave a good thing alone?

  • Adam B. Gunn - Today a tiny robot beat me at quick tap!

    I want to preface this by saying I am a grownup with a love for toys. This thing is so cool. It's really is like playing with a miniature Wall-E. I can almost see him building a tower of cubes if he had enough of them. Just a couple of things. The packaging, I mean wow. So well done. I got it out of the box and setup quickly and we were playing games. The room needs to be pretty well lit else he seems to get confused. With good lighting he would see and recognize my face very easily and often. Be on guard when he gets to the edge of a table. He pretty good about not falling but I have had to catch him twice now (out of about 25 teeterings). After spending a couple of hours I am running out of things to do a little bit but my amazement is still there with watching this little being scurry about exploring and asking me to play games. He can move VERY fast when he wants to also. All in all, realizing this is initial release and Cozmo is still a bit in infancy, there's a TON of potential here - with the SDK opening up to the public, all kind of cool modes and personalities will be possible. I am hoping for a more autonomous mode where he just explores and moves his cubes from one end of the desk to the other while I work. Just a little pet robot hanging out. He wants to play games a LOT now which might be fun for kids but a little less of that would be fine with me. Anyways, tons of potential. It's just a matter of time.

  • Rusty Shackleford - Fits in your fist like a roll of quarters

    This is a beefy fire starter. Not compact, not light. Fits in your fist like a roll of quarters, but a bit longer. The knurling on the case provides a good grip. The pointed end on the case is a nice touch, and gives it a kubaton kinda feel. Pretty sure I could tie this to a sturdy stick and make one heck of a makeshift flail. Oh, and it'll start a fire too. Big fat crackling sparks once you get the outer coating scraped off the rod. Can't beat the price, either.

  • Determined Mom - Poor quality. Definitely not made for daily use

    Poor quality. Definitely not made for daily use. Barely lasted a full year. This broke in July 2015 but I just purchased another brand and that one was the same as this one just a different name stamped on it. Beware of cheap imitations!!!!