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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • tiffany - 24 hours of impressive

    It worked fantastic for 1 day. Now anytime you plug anything into it, the unit won't charge it and near immediately shuts itself off.

  • marie - It look nice and quality is okaaay

    It look nice and quality is okaaay. The fan I think is a lil noisey but you cant expect alot for the price. Wish the rectangle cover's extentsion was longer though,

  • Garet - If you like "natural" energy supplements...

    Good, clean taste, "natural" glucose energy and intra-workout nutrition formula for sports activities. Very mild, sustainable energy compared to pre-workout powders. If you're looking for a gentle boost rather than a muscle twitching "pumped" adrenaline rush followed by performance crash, this is a much better product for you.

  • Rebecca H. - Quicken 2013 Rental Property Manager

    I cannot say how well this program works as I was not able to use it. I purchased the program at Staples. When trying to install on my home computer I was prompted to delete my old Quicken program, which is Quicken Deluxe. I use Quicken Deluxe for my personal finances. I purchased Quicken Rental Property Manager to use for properties I co-own in a family business. It will not allow two different Quicken products to run on one PC. After two hours on the phone with Quicken in India the service technician (who, BTW, was actually quite good and polite) said if I wanted to use Quicken RPM I would have to install in on a separate PC. Really? I paid for Quicken Deluxe and I paid for Quicken 2013 RPM. Why can't I use both programs on one PC? To add insult to injury, Staples refused to let me return the item (just hours after purchasing it), and said I would have to contact Quicken directly for my refund, and that the refund would come in the form of a gift card. What kind of restrictions will be on the gift card? The box RPM came in says a 60 day money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied and a refund of the full purchase price. It looks like I will just have to dispute this on my American Express card. Note to the wise: If you decide to purchase a Quicken product, use your credit card so you have some leverage.

  • Astro - Overdrive Comp 2012

    Love this bike. I've had this bike for about 2 1/2 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Its been 200 miles of all trail, rocks and roots and the bike is rock solid. My only complaints are delivery issues. My bike was delivered with a broken reflector and a improperly installed derailleur cable. The rear derailleur cable housing was installed without a ferrule on one end causing the cable to gut itself. The metal strands inside the cable began to shoot out the end. Considering the previous reviews of DB customer service, I didn't bother. I fixed it myself. All in all the bike is a champ. Component for component it compares with LBS bikes in the $1300-$1500 range. Ive made a few modifications, a Serfas RX seat and Ergon grips to help smooth out some of those rough rides. May try a Thudbuster ST seat post next. Sure I've added a few pounds to my bike, but there's already 5 lbs less of me! Make it comfortable. Make it fun. Buy it.

  • Norman - It took less than one week to whitening my underarm skin

    I have been using this whitening cream for less than a week and I already see that my underarm skin got lighter. I shave my hair every 3 days so that my skin got pretty dark. This cream has a unique smell that I remember smelling it from my mom's makeup 20 years ago. It's easily absorbed into my skin and it sure does make my odor a bit lighter than usual. I never heard of the "Shouvy" brand before, but as this cream magically made my underarm skin looks exactly like the skin are around it, I certainly would recommend this to all of my friends and family members in Asia who are obsessing with "white skin" trend.