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  • Sirhikesalot - McAfree Total Protection

    Great product but instructions to install are difficult had to contact support they gave me the wrong info contacted them a second time and they got it correct. But working fine and doesn't slow the computer down like in the old days where they would check every little page.

  • Ashley - 4000 mcg/day might be overkill

    It hasn't been 30+ days since I recieved my product so I cannot yet vouch for how well it works for hair growth. However, there are a couple things I can talk about now.

  • Fredo - I have super sensitive skin

    I found this scar cream on Instagram and wanted to try it out. And the thing that caught my eye was it being all natural. I have super sensitive skin. And when I say sensitive I mean if I use the wrong products I will break out in a rash and itchy for days. So I read about what was in the ingredients I need it was safe for me to try. I had old scars from previous rash that I had and old acne scars. (I'm a person who love to itchy all my scabs,and you know scabs turn into scars). I applied a small amount on the scars that I had, and a small amount goes a long way. I rub the cream in a circular motion and I used it everyday since I got it. I do noticed the scars have gotten lighter and is fading away. I will continue to use it everyday since I'm seeing a difference and it has no reaction to my skin which is a big plus.

  • Ethan Lee - Great stroller

    Overall a great stroller for moms and dads. Very light and folds quickly and compact when you need to store it in house or in your car to be light footed to chase down your child as he runs screaming towards the ice cream truck. The shade is the size of a small bus, VERY pragmatic! It blocks out the sun like a astronomical eclipse as predicted by the Mayans. Overall, I'd recommend this to any parent looking to unleash their parental duties by keeping the kids safe and happy in a confident stroller.

  • Missy2007 - Goodbye First Response

    Horrible design! I was an avid First Response customer. I have been a member of TTC forums for years. Always always always, when a member would post a faint positive with any other brand, we would say "confirm with FRER on FMU". FRER was trusted, quality product. We preferred FRER over digitals, hands down! Before switching to the new design I started noticing FRER producing nasty indent lines. Indent lines so dark they rivaled faint positives. Then they switched the design. Hopeful, I ordered a box; big mistake. The first test was so awful urine seemed to soak the test strip under the window, despite the fact that I do a careful dip (this ain't my first rodeo...). The next one formed a urine puddle on the test strip that looked like a faint positive. The third turned yellow very rapidly, even though my urine was not darker than any other time (I'm a pretty hydrated person). Today I made the mistake of picking up FRER in the store again. I KNEW I should have gone with clear blue, KNEW it. But for some reason I thought I could trust FRER still. Nope. Urine puddle, right under the test screen. This test is worthless. I'll be switching to clear blue for good. I suggest FRER use its last $8 from me to fund the circa 2012 tests to be back on the market...