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  • Amazon Customer - Good quality, simple.

    Simple, easy, adequate space for each day. One draw back is that I thought it came with the 2016 dates already filled in. That said, if you're looking for flexibility/versatility, this is definitely the product. I like that the pages don't feel flimsy. I don't have to worry about them falling out.

  • ohiotim - Very pleased

    After receiving the machine and putting it together, which took about 3 hours, we had a really nice looking elliptical. Let me tell you though, after our first use, there was nothing "nice" about the workout. Admittedly my wife and I are not in the best shape, that is why we purchased this product. However, after the initial shock wore off and with a little persistence we are seeing the results. My wife is down 15 pounds and myself 12. It works quietly and we have not had to put any lube on yet. We have had it almost a month now. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a quality machine at home. I've seen better consoles but it does the job nicely.

  • Kelsey - Fits britax bassinet stroller!

    Bought to use in my britax bassinet stroller attachment and it works perfectly! Fits snug and washes great!

  • Snap, Crackle and Pop - Family Tree Maker is a useful tool, and a companion to a very useful website

    THE QUICK TAKE: Family Tree Maker 2012 is useful as a tool to organize and collect your information and related media (photos, documents, stories) about your family history. However, the really powerful tool is Ancestry should help you greatly expand what you know, not just organize what you know. FTM 2012 Deluxe includes a three month membership to, so if you use it well you can get a lot of value from this package.

  • Super Steve - Expected Better

    Seems to protect well from virus attacks ... but Safe Password and Safe Money are difficult to use as compared to counter parts with Norton. Safe Money I gave up on, Safe Password I am still trying to fight with.

  • Ricardo Alvarez - ... microsoft and can not find it on anywhere to enjoy it, I feel I have been cheated or ...

    buy this product last week and made the respective swap in my account microsoft and can not find it on anywhere to enjoy it, I feel I have been cheated or robbed, I have tried to communicate with people from microsoft and get a response what happened but so far have not had such a response. if anyone can help it would be very nice of you. Thank you!!

  • Julieanne - Owen Tudor did this and that, then got his head chopped off.

    I was interested in this book because I didn't know much about the marriage between Owen Tudor and Queen Catherine, widow of Henry V.