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  • love to read - I enjoy this time period of history so this book satisfied ...

    I enjoy this time period of history so this book satisfied my imagination. If I can picture what is happening in the book then I know the author is doing a good job with their description skills.

  • C Ayer - There's more market than print magazines

    I expected at least a nod to writing and illustrating, with photos, ebooks. Since these are so common there should be a market for photographers who can write, or partner with writers, to supply this emerging market. For what it does cover, it does fine.

  • dianemo10 - I'd rate it zero at this point

    I have used FTM since the early 90's-- & have upgraded several times. I found it easy to use & loved the product. I have even purchased it as gifts for others. However, last year I ordered the 2010 version but didn't open it for a few months. When I did, I found out it wouldn't load. After an hour or more on the phone with FTM HELP, it was determined the disk was bad. So, they sent me a 2011 version & charged me again. Well, the 2011 disk won't work either!! One section of File D would not load, no matter what I tried.

  • John M - Not a Great tv for a low price.

    This TV started out great but after i really sat and watched i noticed alot of judder (jerky/stuttering) this was worse from side to side camera movements. I changed hdmi cables 3 times (monster and audio quest were 2 of them) i even tried my ps4 and of course adjusted all the settings for hours. I finally have given up and im returning it. I dont believe this tv is meant for 4k. Its more like an upper end 1080p. The 60hz refresh just wont cut it. Its not 120 like advertised. I will end up looking for a 240hz. Its not bad until the camera moves quickly and thats when you get blur and judder. Im surprised more people arent complaining about this.

  • Amazon Customer - Glad I did not buy this crap!

    Fortunately someone else bought this and when they mentioned it, I just had to try it. They had plenty left because it did not work! I could not believe how bad this product performed based on the TV commercials. When something fails this bad to match up with how it's advertised, I thought the company could be sued for false advertising. They continue and continue to advertise so I guess I was wrong about false advertising laws. So, by the way, I do have a great property up in the Colorado mountains with a beautiful ocean view?

  • MsWils - Duped

    I am never reading 5 star comments again. People are obviously paid to give glowing reviews of things. The Ninja is great if you like to chew through your smoothies. Neither the big pitcher nor the single serve cups blend anything completely. So much for the ridiculously sharp blades. Now I know that's not what it takes for a blender to work, so I'm not going to risk losing a hand with this thing anymore. Other people have commented about how everything sticks to the sides of the big pitcher instead of returning to the bottom. What a mess. Fortunately I purchased this at Sam's Club so I'm really looking forward to getting my money back.