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  • Jvette - Nice Treadmill

    This is a replacement treadmill for one I have had for 9 years. I walk about 3 miles per day and needed a good sturdy treadmill. I looked at many brands before deciding on this one. First like everyone else has said on here, This THING IS HEAVY. It took myself and my 20 year old son to get it in the house and it wasn't easy. Once we got it to the place we wanted to set it up and opened the box all the parts were there nicely wrapped in plastic. I opened the instructions and they weren't very helpful so I went to the web site and looked at them on there. You could see the drawings much better and tell where everything went. I'm pretty good at putting things together but this was a challenge at times. I agree with others that some of the bolt holes didn't line up real well and you had to work with them. One of the plastic pieces didn't fit very well but that was about it. The wires that have to be hooked up need to be routed for you in a better way. You can pinch them real easy and have a problem. Just be careful and take your time. It took us about an hour to put it together.

  • Michael A. May - Casino Program Would Not Load

    Tryed to load on three different Windows 7 Computers. Program would load Microsoft Visual and Microsoft Direct. but not actual program. Program would hang up and not finish. The following was the error message.

  • Robert Meyer - Very breathable and the flexibility makes for comfortable wearing.

    I've been ordering a pair of Nike Flex running shoes once a year for the last several years for use as my daily shoe year-round. The arch support tends to go after about 8 months of normal daily use and the rubber bottoms begin to wear thin too, but I can't expect much more from a shoe. Very breathable and the flexibility makes for comfortable wearing.

  • Marcia A. Falk - I needed this this book to help me with Excel ...

    I needed this this book to help me with Excel 2010 after buying Microsoft 8.1 because I can no longer use 123 Lotus

  • Amazon Customer - It's Versace...ladies love the scent.

    I bought this cologne because i know Versace puts out high quality verified good products and the price was very low for this size bottle. Since my first purchase i have ordered this item a few more times and intend to purchase more. My wife loves the scent and i get compliments from other ladies i work with. Please don't tell my wife that.

  • Amazon Customer - Clearing up acne blemishes

    A little goes a long way. Strong scent for my sensitive nose (year round allergies). I mix 2 drops of Bio-Oil with 5 drops of sweet almond oil for my face. Acne blemishes are clearing up after one month if consistent use. After I wash my face and before applying my oils, I do splash my face with witch hazel (astringent).

  • Rob_B - Total Junk!

    Cheap plastic, slides all over your vehicle, flimsy, weak plastic. The $20 general cargo mat I bought at Sam's Club is 1000 times better than this garbage. Comes rolled up and because it's cheap plastic, not soft rubber, it holds its rolled up shape. Do not buy this!!! You'll Thanl me later.