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  • Panda - Favorable results

    Used this product with 8mg of Galantamine and remembered all of my dreams. I rarely remember any dreams at all but this really worked well. I did not however, have a lucid dream and that is why a gave this four stars. PS, I have a horrible memory to begin with.

  • Cole Lambert - Good cleaner

    Good cleaner. I got this for soap scum an hard water buildup. It actually couldn't get everything off as I thought it would. My water is very hard in my home though, so for most houses, it'll probably do juat fine.

  • Pam Louis - Spectacular

    Dr. Thaddeus Green was once human he survived a werepanther attack making him immortal and changing his body but the change killed his wife before she could give birth to his child so he has spent the last 60 years along, he works in the immortal ops team.

  • Amazon Customer - Must have for a quality Post Workout

    I started mixing the Myobuild in to my water jug to drink after working out. This product is a great recovery agent. I have been pushing myself extremely hard to be in better shape before the holidays and I don't think I could do the intensity that I am doing without this product. No matter how hard I push myself in the gym, my recovery is faster than normal. Knowing that I will not be sore sore that I miss a gym day help me to push hard while in the gym.

  • Isaac Lubrun - This thing really kill those sons of Bitches. Its ...

    This thing really kill those sons of Bitches. Its a big container so you can put it in little bottles and refill them. It kills on contact.

  • Amanda M. - I didn't like using traditional traps because they scare my dog and ...

    We got these because we live in an old house and had trouble with mice in the colder months. I didn't like using traditional traps because they scare my dog and didn't want to use poison. They worked very well to keep them away but occasionally we'd have one or two mice over the three years that we've used them that didn't seem to really be bothered at all by them. It's way better than killing a mouse every day like we were before we started using them! Would recommend.