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  • Global Liquid Biopsy Market | Industry Report 2016-2024 - Global Liquid Biopsy Market is expected to reach US$ 2,112.3 million by 2024 – 200 pages report.

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  • Terry - Great Honey, Great Deal from Amazon

    I tried this honey after having stomach problems for several years. It happened every "change of season". I researched it, and Manuka Honey seemed to be benificial for treating pylori bacillus, which can cause stomach ulcers.

  • Dennis Elam - The Guy Who Invented Televisions Sitcoms as you Still See Them today

    Decades ago I read Desi's autobiography, foolishly thinking Desi had written it himself. After all he created so many series, it was not a stretch to believe he could write his own series. When I saw Dolce's review that this was the best book I bought it. And what a story of cultural anthropology it is! Desi did not just act in a sitcom or produce popular series. He literally invented the modern sitcom as we know it. The use of multiple cameras, re-runs, a long term relationship with the writers, this is the how to book on producing a successful series.

  • AmazonBuyer12 - Disappointed

    The packaging claims you should use this in "unlived" spaces, like the attic or whatever, and now I know why...because if you're not in the room, you won't notice that this item does NOT work. I saw the mouse run directly to the corner where I had this item placed. It didn't bother the mouse one bit never mind "repel" it. This did absolutely nothing to repel a mouse. save your money and buy traps instead.

  • Thomas M. - Perfect for football lovers.

    I buy this book every year and love the material. I also enjoy reading the older ones to see how things turned out for their projections. Only problem with this book is that it is not bound very well and pages keep coming loose. Not worth the hassle to return, but maybe next year use more glue.

  • George - Good for light yoga, not good for intermediate/hot yoga.

    Extremely slippery when wet. Be ready to constantly towel off if you take this to a hot yoga class. Also had an issue where the bottom would not "stick" to certain surfaces causing parts of the mat to come up when you do jump to the front of the mat etc.